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Just found out about , what a charming tradition. This is Tāne Mahuta, New Zealand's biggest kauri tree. There are two people in the picture too.

[Yes, I'm posting a couple random old photos a day here.There's no grand plan or theme or anything. Hope that's OK.]

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Timeline of a new Mastodon user:

Day 1: this sucks servers are confusing and why is my feed empty

Day 2: why is there no quote tweet this is dumb

Day 3: mastodon better make some changes if it wants to compete with tw_tter

Day 7: hm, people are really nice here

Day 10: loving the no ads and real conversations



Huh, thought I could miss the first 10 minutes or so, a little worried that would have scored a couple times already. Wow!

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One tool we have at work to ablate harassment is a set of tags for our public issue tracker - “abuse” and “admin” that summon a mod within the hour; what we tell people is, if it’s obviously abusive, tag it as such, but if it’s on the line, or you’re not sure, or you’re just uncomfortable and thinking “I want somebody who isn’t me to deal with … whatever this is”, use the admin flag.

Under the hood both tags do exactly the same thing, but:

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This is a slide I took in May ’84 during the Nuu-chah-nulth-led resistance to clear-cutting Meares Island:

The Weeping Woman, roughly 5m tall, was erected on the island at that time.

This was a successful effort; the island remains un-logged and very beautiful.

As one part of the resistance, thousands of trees on the island were spiked, making them unsafe to log. I acknowledge that this is controversial.

Interesting: SEN and NED have almost exactly the same populations: 17 million.

30 min of quality football, 0 dives. Congrats SEN & NED.

Senegal high press is really annoying the Dutch at the back.

Wrote a blog on why AWS never dove seriously into blockchain. Features groovy pix from a trip to New York, which is part of the story:

“… as if millions of Sidekiq jobs suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced”

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I have to say Mastodons are mighty ancient beasts and maybe some days after eating beans perhaps they might toot. But healthy mastos imho grunt and snort, even howl at times.

I just wanted to say that.

I will return to my cave now.

The makes it obvious why you'd like to be on a small/medium affinity-group instance, because obvs it wouldn't be practical to have a conversation around a current event across a billion-strong Fediverse or even a millions-strong big instance. But on an instance for Vancouverites or tech-LGBTQ types or sanitation engineers, you could have some civilized fun I think.

Qatar: Population 2.9M.
Ecuador: Population 17.9M

If I click on and then Pin it, am I watching traffic just on my own instance, or something wider?

Put another way, is there a good way to set up a lively stream on a hashtag?

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