@skdh If they'd had a real Hapsburg, who knows what might have happened?

@warrows Similar things exist in most countries, and I 100% agree.

I see all these people encouraging each other to donate to their local instance.

Is it crazy to think these things should be run as small co-op style businesses where you pay <=$5/month and the people who do the work actually get paid?

You'd need a biz structure that makes big-corporate roll-ups impossible. Which could be done I think?

At an anti-pipeline protest at the TMX site on Burnaby Mountain, near Vancouver.

@nova @dswersky Ini 2018 I wrote a "Song of the Day" blog every day between Jan 1 and June 21st, so a lot of favorites in there: tbray.org/ongoing/What/Song%20

These days I seem to be stuck on modern bluegrass: Sierra Ferrell, Billy Strings, Molly Tuttle. But also a bit obsessive about Hania Rani who's entirely different.

@nova ooh, you and I have a *lot* in common when it comes to music and audio hardware

@sgraham Or, time to bring back the NDP-Green coalition

I strongly recommend @great78, which I’ve been following on Twitter for a long time.

Project description: great78.archive.org

@davidgerard @molly0xfff I'm shocked, SHOCKED, at your cynicism. Looks like it can hold on indifinitely?

@molly0xfff And yet the price of BTC putt-putts along around $17K, smooth and stable. Market instability… what market instability?! I’m sure everything’s totally on the up-and-up, yup yup yup.


We deserve privacy, not just inservice to other goals, because it's a benefit of being a member of a civilization: medium.com/i-m-h-o/privacy-pri

@jamesglave We're going to need with Heyman back at environment, rah-rah-rah for more LNG and fracking.

BC gets a new Cabinet.


Some things to like here, but really disappointed that George Heyman is retained in the Environment ministry. This means more old-growth logging and LNG infrastructure, our children’s future be damned.

@aurynn I complained but one of the brew maintainers explained very nicely that always updating the whole world avoids many entirely incomprehensible installation failures and I can see their point.

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This is maybe controversial but I think Mastodon would benefit from a few professionally run instances with their own branding, and that have branded mobile apps.

Right now the new user workflow is:

- Learn about Mastodon and federation and how all this works
- Pick a Mastodon site and create an account
- Pick a mobile app and figure out how to configure it with your account

Instead, the workflow for the hypothetical social media site $SOCIALSITE would be:

- Download the $SOCIALSITE app and create your account

$SOCIALSITE could promote one of its advantages as being part of the Mastodon federation, and you can interact with everyone in the fediverse. It would be so much simpler for people to abandon Twitter and switch to $SOCIALSITE

Old folks just want to die, let nature take its course, remeber the japanese biowarfare attacks or listening to antivaxxer doctors sellimg them magic herbs so not willing to vaccinate

It is expected to be a difficult winter.

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They opened all the restaurants and business, but still say a 48 hour test result is needed for staff. Buf no results. My friemds restaurant has 30% staff, but mo customers anyway as people are afraid to go out

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Beijing has run out of logistical control over their QR code and pcr testing system. They do a 10 swab sample, if there is 1 in 10 positive all 10 households get locked and tested at the door. Current problem is labs are overun, results are not coming in and people are not showing up at your door.

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[Thread] From an acquaintance in China:
“My work location in [small remote city] has had no outbreak since the beginning. Less than a dozen local cases total over 3 years. The covid zero policy was working for the rural areas. Impossible for the major cities.
We test at work every 2 days, and everyday if a new covid case is found in the local health zone
Beijing hospitals are starting their overun experiemce.

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