That could have been a red card, the guy stuck his hand out to stop the ball.

@timbray Sorry to bother you during the game, but as you are someone I deeply respect, not least for leaving a job you loved out of solidarity, I wonder how you reason about the current WC. I’m a football fan but trying to stay away from watching. I have a hard time accepting what international football has become, and also and especially the anti-humanism shown from FIFA in trying to silence the critics. Yet I know my absence doesn’t make any impact at all. Should I give in?

@d_s I don't know. Historically, FIFA has been hugely corrupt

I loathe many things about this tournament. If I were dictator I would disband FIFA and start again..

But football brings so much happiness to so many people, it's difficult to tell people not to enjoy this thing.

I would like to see one or two of the big teams put on the rainbow armbands and accept the yellow cards.

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