Wrote a blog on why AWS never dove seriously into blockchain. Features groovy pix from a trip to New York, which is part of the story: tbray.org/ongoing/When/202x/20

@b_cavello @timbray mm! Read this earlier today.

At some point blockchains will leave the marketing materials and be hidden away in some engineer’s architecture diagram in the documentation, which is when things will actually become exciting.

@roblach @b_cavello That's *exactly* what I've been waiting to see happen, since 2015 or so, and it hasn't. If it were going to, it would have by now.

@timbray @roblach @b_cavello

I agree with the line of thought around blockchain being part of the tech stack rather than a feature or product in its own right.

I also wonder where something like IPFS fits in all of this as it's not a blockchain but used by lots.of crypto projects for file storage.

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