I have learned that new Mastodon users should do an .

I’m a hyperoverprivileged straight cis white greybearded neurotypical male. Living in Vancouver, Canada with loved ones.

I’m old.

I can’t not write, as evidenced by the 2+ million words on my blog at and also “timbray” on Twitter.

Tl;dr: Geek and environmentalist. For details, type my name into your favorite Web search, I’m overly public.

@timbray I can appreciate the "can't not write thing" I don't have 2million words, but you've given me something to shoot for :blobfoxcomputer:

@timbray 👋 I've appreciated much of your writing.

@timbray Hello! 👋 I've been sort of following you since the early 00s, but I do like to thank you for your work co-writing the XML specification. Your work in web standards is really valuable and much appreciated. 👍

@timbray I should probably write a proper introduction on my profile, but I am secretly hoping this lurker status reduces my obligations to participate as I have a penchant of over sharing as well.

@timbray are you embarassed by your work on xml or is it just not worth mentioning now? cos i really appreciate you and xml!

@zens Not at all. We were a bunch of publishing-technology geeks who wanted portable internationalized structured unicode documents. XML is quite good for that. We were surprised when people used it for all that other weird stuff.

@timbray somehow I find it comforting to see your never-changing avatar here.
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