This thing still on? Getting interested in Mastodon again… if Twitter’s bluesky thing gets legs, that opens ups lot of room for multimodal social.

@timbray It most definitely is.

Come for the federation.

Stay for the CW wars.

@timbray I thought Blue Sky was Twitter's attempt to preemptively usurp the idea of Fediverse for when it starts to siphon enough people off centralized platforms. So Twitter would be able to say they invented it, and Mastodon was just an imitation. Basically, Microsoft's strategy through the 90s and 00s.


More likely to preempt various government regulation that is in the works, like EU Digital Services Act and interop requirements.

Hi @timbray thank you for the great fun you helped unleash in the XML days :)

Tbh, I'm less excited about big tech interest. Here on fediverse there's something precious to spoil.

Be sure to check SocialHub too at and the AP apps watchlist at that I co-maintain.

@timbray also P. S., you might want to update your employer field in the profile :-)

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