last in sequence (I hope): 🥁A🎸55555🎸CvCSxdi1Qpw=🎸MCowBQYDK2VwAyEA+BBQLd4ks4vdJZzX1F4j51gtyfJpLBFpeqkT7t5GJ/0=🎸VQybsM/eUri1SFlnt0Avpc/RJ3djTHU1vfzAhm516TYANxjrIONUbyT1epx2jCT0O8N5QgX97a0EqmFqV6dODQ==🎸🥁"

Pardon the interruption, more bluesky experimentation:


This thing still on? Getting interested in Mastodon again… if Twitter’s bluesky thing gets legs, that opens ups lot of room for multimodal social.

So, if I were to turn CSS hyphenation on for my blog, looks like that’d be unkind to users of Windows Chrome, which I expect is basically everyone on Windows who reads it. Sigh.

We still have one of Vancouver’s one or two remaining video stores in our neighborhood. On impulse I rented Duel, from 1971, Spielberg’s first movie. You could it the plot in a single sentence and they spin it into 90 minutes of super intense and mostly pretty good cinema. Recommended.

Today I got to fix a nice straightforward reproducible bug in AWS Step Functions. Ahh, life's simple pleasures.

“If you claim you have di­ver­si­ty goal­s, but your managers’ ca­reers don’t de­pend on their per­for­mance against those goal­s, you don’t re­al­ly.”

Who’s super interesting on Mastodon? Feeling a bit bewildered.

Well, and why *shouldn’t* the BBC be via

Hey can I call you “33b” for short?

It seems that you have to understand “instances” to use this thing… I don’t, yet.

I’m large, have big ears and kinda furry, but sadly have no horns.

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