@thorhj image description : a 6 boxes meme about possums with the first line reading : "he have class" with a picture of a classy, precious looking possum with big eyes and a friendly face on the first line of the meme. The second line reads "he give sass" right next to a picture of a possum seemingly hissing at someone and ready to attack. then the last line says "but most importantly, he scream at own ass" with a picture of a possum hissing at their own tail.

@thorhj tlap someone for no apparent reaso n just tlap it
@thor @QSourceX
>i was talking about how stuff was going with me
>i got dead silence in return
>because everybody's probably glued to whatever news medium they like to consume right now
No, it's because you're a boring basic bitch.

*foss bro goes to heaven*
*turns up at pearly gates*

st. peter: welcome to the cloud. may i have your email address?


i took another look at the numbers. i made money on the web shop stuff. it made a difference. what helped a lot was the digital version of the Carta Fediversi poster, since i don't have to pay for printing.

question: the digital poster is currently 15 euros. would *you* buy one if i did a "pay what you want" thing for that instead?
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