A nearly 104-year-old comic, first published in March, 1919, that depicts what would happen if "pocket telephones" were invented.

I like Mastodon, but it feels a bit too serious. Where are all the funny accounts posting stupid memes and cat GIFs? (other than @khalidabuhakmeh of course 😜)

I've been using TypeScript on a regular basis for about 6 months now, and this is the biggest pitfall I've seen so far:

Look, if a core Bitcoin developer's can get their whole wallet emptied out unrecoverably on them, and that developer's immediate reflex is to start calling a centralized authority for help, it's time to stop pretending this entire cryptocurrency exercise is ever going to work reliably.

There are many, many reasons why I love Shouldly (github.com/shouldly/shouldly)... here's a beautiful demonstration of one of them. Imagine trying to track down the reason for this test failure without the Unicode code points in the test output:

PHOTO BLOG: Earlier this month, a storm chaser from the Netherlands took a wonderful photo showing several textbook ice halos, including a 46-degree halo, a 22-degree halo with parhelion (sun dogs), and an upper tangent arc. accuweather.com/en/leisure-rec

"Please upgrade to a newer version which has a fix for this."
"Why can't you fix the version we're on?"
"We did. It's called 'the new version'."

Maybe should create a separate site just for Taylor Swift... I don't care about Taylor Swift, I just want to buy tickets for a hockey match!


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