sometimes your scope trigger can fool you a good period of time.

5am coffee, alarm clock set to 5:15am and me awake since 4:30. Find the mistake ...

@Dtl which is fairly normal considering how old that stuff must be at some spots.

@Dtl "ah we do an update so this issue is fixed ... oh now we have other issues..." - kind of thing?

everything set up for testing and then, batteries empty ... meh ...

@Dtl greater outage because of weather or was it some other thing that caused issues?

I really struggle with the size of the Pixel 6. No idea how people deal with even larger phones.

2 days, 890ish km by car, 10hrs meeting duration in total. Can i has pint?

fun find: uploaded a BOM to
octopart to check on prices. it changed several resistor position in favor to Fluke measurement equipment.

sometimes you can do a ton of modeling and fancy integrals and stuff but when a simple geometrical formula is 95% accurate there is certainly not the need to do more.

ok, got something wrong further down the road with my formula. back to the start.

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moments i impress myself: when my formulas turn out to be correct (at least at first test)

Test pcb does not look that bad. Now lets check what i can squeeze out of it.

@Dtl ah! i see now! it gets dusty in some brain areas when you dont use them. recently i discovered that Smith charts are now like no mans land for me ... i feel your situation

@Dtl ah interesting! the bummer is, that i do have some material on that topic from some lab at uni back in the days but its all in german so barely useful.

@Dtl building and failing is the best way to learn that stuff. Whats the things you want to investigate more?

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