I've started a new thing i probably never finish but its about the tinkering, right? right?!

this year it seems i'll take every opportunity for having a cold.

google pixel 6 arrives on Wed coming week. after a decade of iphone (with a very short break of like 6mo or so) my first android. really curious how much time i need to adapt.

today i had german, english and italian on the email menu. now its about trying not mixing things up to much.

Watching judo national championship. Serious martial arts cravings coming back …

Seen some Porsche BEV prototypes today. Proper birdsnest wiring in there …

Python, something i dont warm up with. Dont know why but it always feels like i need to bend my brain a lot and at the end there is some ugly code.

monday: writing some prosa code by hand just to not have i clue what i was about a few hours later.

post Electronica week. Getting brain and voice reinstalled to work normal. bigger task than expected.

some weirdnes with polygons in kicad. for some reason it refuses to connect the same nets. debugging it is now ...

Yesterday first mulled wine and today again weather that brings shorts feels. This year the christmas feelings will be hard work. Really hard work.


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