Idea: What if there were a CRDT encoding for XML formats like XHTML that allows web browsers to allow users to collaborately edit (JavaScript-less, because that introduces too many edge cases) webpages? Or synchronize their database accross browser engines?

CRDTs are a means for structuring data so it's easy to merge any edits at any frequency, and is nicely described by

Put simply: Drop the overengineered-OOP API that is the HTML DOM standards, and it should be easy for the browser to let people collaboratively edit their own copy of any webpage peer-to-peer! Online or offline.

Computer scientists figured that out just this decade!

Ofcourse it's a bit much to ask browsers to drop that API, it'd break everyone JavaScripts.


@alcinnz Every popular document format eventually becomes a virtual machine, and programmers will inevitably start to bypass the document markup itself and rely solely on the scripting language.

Many other formats would actually work better is they were simply containers for VM appliances, such as video formats. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could load just about any file format because an implementation of a decoder was embedded in the file?

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