I think much of our unhealthy food exists because we are sitting home alone with nothing better to do than stuff our faces.

I've noticed that if I'm enjoying the company of someone else, or I'm concentrated on something, I don't really think about food until I'm actually hungry.

If I'm alone and need to kill some time, I'm far more likely to go digging in the fridge or pantry for something to eat.

It seems to me that our isolated homes and digital devices create ideal conditions for obesity.

In a way, having a big and comfortable home is actually a bad idea.

In terms of getting you off your feet and socialising with other people, a basic home with a simple mat for a bed and simple wooden chairs for sitting on would be best.

In a better society, all you would use your home for is rest, eating and sex, and all other activities would happen in various collective activity spaces.

@thj depends. I go outside from uni to study in a big comfy chair and it's basically the same as sitting at home. No social interaction and I still waste time.

@thj I've been thinking the same thing. I own an electronic drum kit, but I wouldn't mind sharing a collective music facility. I don't need all of the shit that I have, and most of the time it is not in use, so I would like if other people could get joy out of it.

(additionally, I'm curious about trying to live without a bed or chair)

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