Millennia of civilisations and technological development, yet the end goal always remains the same: Find food, stay safe, cumulate resources, attract mate and reproduce.

You could argue that these are not the deeper purposes of being human, but they are what 99.99% of humans have as their top priorities. Other things, such as science and having fun, are designed for discovering new and innovative ways of finding food, sex and shelter later on.

One of the most revealing things you can do to a data series is graph its derivative; delta or rate of change.

It looks like titrations in the 80-100 mg/day range for methylphenidate based ADHD drugs in adults isn't uncommon. The official maximum recommendation is 60 mg/day for all ages, but CADDRA recommendations for adults are higher, which makes sense, since I've also seen titrations stated according to body weight.

His brain chemicals are so off that eating the wrong thing affects his concentration. He thinks it's allergies, but he never has any pain or discomfort. He just says that his brain shuts down completely. It's usually food that would cause a normal person to feel a little bit drowsy. In him, with his low focus and drive, it basically exhausts him completely. I suspect medication would have an even more transformative effect on him than it has had on me.

I have a roommate and third cousin who is the same way. It's so clear to me now that he's been suffering from ADHD all this time. I wrote a letter that he's going to bring to his doctor to get him referred to a psychiatrist with knowledge of ADHD. He displayed significant symptom relief when I let him try my medications on two occasions last week. He's even worse off than me, basically not having a life outside of his bedroom and his computer.

If you can imagine having the drowsy relaxed playful brain of evening relaxation 24/7, with no way of stopping it. Now imagine having to deal with all of life's challenges in this state of mind. You don't feel like doing anything except entertaining yourself, your energy is low, you're a bit vulnerable, and you're not anywhere near the top of your game. That's what is like.

It's so distinct, the sound of my inner voice, when it arrives during this time of rest. It comes on loud and clear and asserts itself. "Let's play with ideas!" it shouts, as Mr. Business is temporarily pushed aside.


If I let my methylphenidate blood level fall gradually in the afternoon to about 2/3 of its peak, I don't get a headache. Instead, I get a period where I feel relaxed, during which I can reflect upon things and have ideas. It feels very nice after being firmly focused on getting things done during the daytime.

The way I've scheduled it, it bottoms out at about 18:30, which coincides nicely with arriving home from work and having dinner.

It's not true that we, the computer geeks, have no influence on what the masses of the Internet do.

Normies only began to use Chrome because of the trickle down effect of millions of geeks recommending it to their relatives and colleagues.

The mistake we made was to uniformly recommend the same browser. We actually thought the Firefox camp would hold strong, didn't we? We thought other geeks out there were recommending Firefox, but nope, that was just a minority of us.

I'm thinking about voting for the Greens in the next parliamentary election, but I don't like how their focus on the environment also comes bundled with miscellaneous leftist ideology.

And if you hate Julian Assange because he snitched on Hillary, but Bradley/Chelsea Manning did a fine thing because (s)he uncovered war crimes, you're falling into the same trap.

Not sympathising with Assange because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants is another matter, however. That was not his finest moment, and does taint the general impression you get of the man.

Funny. When Charlie Hebdo did Muhammed drawings, everyone "was" Charlie Hebdo. Now that they're making fun of women's soccer, people are saying the opposite.

Only defending the freedom of speech when you like what is being said doesn't count as defending the freedom of speech, much in the way that tolerating gays when you never had anything against gays in the first place doesn't really count as tolerance.

In other words, you don't get an effect unless the blood level is changing. When it rises, you get the desired therapeutic effect, which is calm concentration. When it falls, you get tired and the usual symptoms return.

It looks like the theory that Ritalin tolerance builds up during the course of a day is correct.

I've been taking them in such a way that the blood level rises by about 1.7 ng/mL per hour today, and instead of creating a gradual onset of the effect, it just keeps it working for hours.

Yesterday, I tried a flat blood level curve, and that was awful. It just felt like a day-long comedown after the initial dose.

You basically have to keep it rising smoothly to keep it working.

Morning status: The same-day rebound headaches from Ritalin may have disappeared, but the morning-after ones most certainly haven't.

@jack I moderated the evening peak a bit and added a bit more oomph in the morning, because I know I need about 9 ng/mL to get the symptom relief.

Drawback is a slower rise during the day.

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