I think you get the way I am when you realise that people will tell you just about anything to further their own goals.

It's not so much about the literal thing they tell you, but where their input leads to. What will I learn if I explore what they said, and every related subject.

You could view this as autism. A very technical, analytic and laterally thinking view on the human experience.

I mean, you have to be that way if you analyse and experiment on yourself and others.

When people don't respond to my posts, I feel frustration. This is perfectly normal.

It's also input.

"Ah, humans do not respond to that stimulus."

Anger? Hostility?

"Ah, humans respond negatively to that. I will make note of that."

I'm like that for most of the day now.

To elaborate: I've quit my nicotine habit many times. For months, even years.

I can do that.

But I see that, until I can tune my mind and body to function optimally, I will need some crutches.

You might view this constant endless posting as narcissism.

No, this is because I want input. I'm a bit too lazy (i.e. afraid of) to seek that input in the external world, but I'll get there.

The ego is such a useless thing.

I smoke at the moment.

Not because I have an addiction. Or, well, you could call it that.

But I see it more as training wheels. Smoking helps me breathe slowly, and breathing slowly helps me relax. The nicotine might offer some adrenalin to my CNS but that's not the main point.

I view it as a temporary pair of training wheels that I will shed at some point, once I've gotten past my neuroses.

I'm still just a seedling. I have much self development to do.

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Never forget your coordinate fields and unit circle. Probably one of the most important things to know as an engineer.

#science #math #maths #mathematics #euler #vectors #LinearAlgebra

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Working on replacing my desk with a bigger one. What a cabling hell
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Cis People: I would be a shapeshifter so I could always hide who I really am

Trans People: I would be a shapeshifter so I would never have to hide who I really am ever again

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The mind is shaped by fear.

That's the only thing that shaped it.

If you lose all fear, your mind has no limits, but this also results in losing your fear of death, self injury, injuring others, etc.

For an intelligent person, sanity is a game of balancing on the edge of a razor.

The danger of being open-minded is that it puts you at great risk of having your liberty constrained by narrow-minded people who are afraid.

The more cutting edge the science is, the closer it gets to what one might consider alternative medicine.

We once did not believe in giant squids and the idea was claimed to be preposterous. Now we do.

Science education is a constant balancing act. Do you admit that you doubt your statement, and risk not being listened to by close-minded people, or do you pretend to be sure about it, like every other human does in every other situation?

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White people do NOT have a monopoly on disability.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on being Queer.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on poverty.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on mental illness.

Your identity intersecting with marginalization does not absolve you of the access whiteness grants you. If your version of activism isn’t lead by the bottom tier of your marginalization then it’s just self interest.

The way I see it, scientists are not so different from healers or yogis. They are intelligent and open minded (self developed).

We only tell people science is fact because when when people aren't self-developed, they seek to eliminate ambiguity to quell fears, and admitting that science is fragile would make people doubt it, which would take the world in a direction educated people perceive as wrong.

"Most literature on quantum healing is almost entirely philosophical, omitting the rigorous mathematics that makes quantum electrodynamics possible."

Do they understand what they are saying? They are claiming that mathematics makes the phenomenon of quantum electrodynamics possible.

Listen, Feynman, the top expert on that field, was a very good bullshitter.

The scientific method admits doubt. It admits it can only make theories, not state facts.

So... Why have absolute faith in it?

Well, this is interesting.

Björk used to intimidate me a lot more than she does now. As in, I thought she was nuts.

Uh, no, she gets it.

I have an ever so slightly small problem, in that she's the only person seen so far that actually turns me on a little.

Not because of her body but because her brain tickles mine.

Okay, Björk... I get where you're coming from:


She dares to be human.

And you might say "Don't be so confident".

And my reply is, "Then tell me exactly why I'm wrong."

Then I will think about it. I will think about it even if you hurt me deeply and I'm close to suicide.

I'm capable of that.

If this is a common ability, then god bless humanity. The goal isn't to feel unique. I'm just insatiably curious.

I feel I'm capable of empathising with people I'm too cowardly to admit that I can empathise with.

Sometimes, it takes me a while to see where they're coming from.

But lately, it only seems to take me a day or two to figure it out, to see straight through them.

Thing is, this disturbs people deeply.

I love it when someone does it to me. When someone dares to call me out on my nonsense. "Finally, someone who can help me break another arbitrary barrier to understanding."

Every time I see some kind of human behaviour, whether it's sadism or creepy intimacy, I'm like...

"Okay, this shocks me somewhat, but give me 5 seconds to adjust. Okay, I see, you're there. I love you."

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