Finding information about the symptoms of ADHD and the medications that are available to treat it is simple. That's all over the Internet.

It's much harder to find information that's relevant to an adult who is already diagnosed and is trying out medications.

My Hackintosh system has given me surprisingly little trouble, and I've been running it for years now. There have been a couple of moments of panic during upgrades to new major versions of macOS because I forgot to update a kext, but I have always managed to recover and have never needed to perform a fresh reinstall of macOS, and the system never seems to crash.

I need to see if I can find something like a small vacuum cleaner to keep at my desk.

Trump acts hilariously rich and American...

Trump: *having lunch in the oval office, chewing on a piece of steak with ketchup* Jed, I wanna buy something really BIG today. Something real glitzy! What's the biggest thing I can buy, Jed?

Kushner: Please don't call me that...

Trump: Yeah, but what

Kushner: *sigh* I don't know. An island?

Trump: GREAT! *swallows steak and smacks coke bottle on table* We'll buy... *throws dart on world map* ...Greenland! Now pass me the ketchup, will you, Jed?

Swedish grรคddost is a substance that must be handled with care, or you risk turning into a fat but very happy person.

It's a bit sad that most business customers don't actually need highly skilled programmers. Beyond a certain point, you stop gaining an advantage from learning more theory, and you're better off learning another platform, framework or library.

Such practical tool-specific knowledge becomes irrelevant quickly, but it's an inescapable requirement of the job.

I have convinced my project manager that I need to write a small 3D engine for an assignment he gave me.

Writing your own 3D engine is usually not a good idea. My excuses are:

1. It needs to bend in a way that's easy to describe with parametric functions in a vertex shader and hard to describe in terms of bones or morph targets.

2. It's simple to generate procedurally.

3. I'm only displaying a single mesh and there is no need for scene graphs, lighting or physics, because it's infographics.

As a programmer, you're constantly told that rolling your own solution is a bad idea.

For example, you're never meant to implement a database.

Left unsaid is the fact that it *can* be a good idea, if you know exactly what you're doing, and you have a very good reason for it.

In most cases, neither are true, and whatever justification you come up with is there to conceal the fact that you just want to learn and have some fun.


I've been playing the piano non-stop for 4 hours and I looked down on the keyboard the entire time.

I got a bit dizzy when I finally looked up.

My mother's passing away was a wakeup call for me.

I had subconsciously been using my nuclear family as an emotional anchor. I lived far away from my parents, but I knew they were there, and that was apparently worth more than I thought.

The family unit is now officially dissolved. The loss of my most enduring and significant attachment has made me keenly aware of my need for such an enduring and significant attachment.

It's rather weird that a death is prompting me to seek a life partner.

Being an weaboo and fantasising about cartoon women is an extremely unhealthy way of existing.

I was in fairly deep Internet waters for the first 30 years of my life. I explored the fandoms, the memes and the computer lore. I was obese and never went outside.

I never managed to become a weaboo, but that's more due to a general lack of interest in movies and TV than anything else...

Why is this bad? Because you need other emotional attachments than your parents. They won't be there forever.

The word "feminism" is overloaded. Too many different meanings. I only tend to use it for views about women's rights that go further than the average person's views.

I don't use it for things like turning maternity leave into parental leave or having women pay child support. To me, that's more about making the sexes equal to the law.

The law should only concern itself with differences when ignoring them would put one sex at a disadvantage for practical reasons, such as pregnancy.

"Difference feminism holds that there are differences between men and women but that no value judgment can be placed upon them and both genders have equal moral status as persons."

This is my position, and the funny thing is that it turns regular feminists into male chauvinists the moment you adopt it: "Wait, why is it so important to you that women should strive to have all these masculine traits and behaviours?"

Just woke up, filled a bowl with snacks and went back to bed again. I guess I'm in a lazy mood this Sunday morning.

I was at the library and asked if they have any books on "paranoia", the librarian replied, "yes, they are right behind you"

Upon further testing, there was another problem with distortion on the rear left channel on input B. The pads on the volume controller IC for that input looked a bit dry, so I resoldered them, and the problem disappeared.

No components have failed so far, and the bad solder joints weren't detectable until a year had passed. Vibration, temperature fluctuations and oxidation can reveal such things long after the fact.

Rainy days can be nice at times.

Humid days with a thick impenetrable cloud cover? Those are a completely different story. I absolutely hate them. It feels like you can't breathe. Taking a walk in such weather is tiring, not refreshing.

Do you know the feeling?

I designed and built this unit for my cousin about a year ago. It mixes two 5.1 surround sources to one 5.1 output.

It suddenly stopped working this week. Since he paid for it, I felt obliged to service it.

The problem turned out to be a bad solder joint on the power switching MOSFET for the analog circuitry and the volume control chips. There was no continuity with the 5-volt rail from the DC jack.

Heating the joint up with some fresh solder fixed it. I'm glad it was a simple problem.

I just realised that I've barely seen the sun for the past month.

It was cloudy most of the time when I was up north, and down here, it's been a mix of cloudy and rainy.

The weather was decent enough when I went out on Friday night, but it's been outright dreary this Saturday.

I'm not an outdoorsy person, but I do like windows and a nice view, so the weather still matters to me.

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