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EFF will oppose this misguided proposal—just like we did the last three times this zombie bill was on the table. We need reform that reigns in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, not a measure that makes the law even more vague and draconian.

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Went in to campus to get my Leatherman if left in the server room yesterday. When I got there I remembered the cherry trees were supposed to be in bloom so I stopped by to take a look. Really wish I'd brought my D500.

Dear $USER who wants per-second status reports on the GPUs on the very expensive compute node they are running jobs on... please cool your jets. The computer should be working on running your jobs, not on telling you everything that's happening every second while the job is running.

My "spare" should be getting here a week from now. Thanks REI, for having a sale just when I need it.

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UGGGH!! I left my leatherman (multi-tool) in the server room when I was there repairing a computer this morning. Not sure when I'll be going back to campus so I'm going to have to live without it for a while.

Maybe I'll order another one, you know, as a backup.

I had to go in to campus this morning to repair a computer so on the way home I stopped at Taste of India.

Now I have chai. The world is a *slightly* better place right now.

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Cut it with the " describes its origin" crap.

That's not how you phrase it in English. "Chinese" as an adjective means created by, or owned by, China or the Chinese people.

And that's *exactly* what the phrase is meant to imply: "it's the Chinese people's fault."

Just filled out my US Census. Still very ... limited. e.g. only offered M or F options, insisted I had to tell it what part of Europe I'm (descended) from. Ugh.

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Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! (Update) 

This thing is lit.
They have more volunteers than people requesting aid at the moment. An activist group that spawned out of necessity and has grown into a full-bown aid logistics service practically overnight. :blob_aww:

They have the capacity to help a lot more people than they're helping right now. The best thing we can do to help them is get the word out! :blobcheer:

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The virus: why we need to slow it down. 

Watch "What This Chart Actually Means for COVID-19" on YouTube

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A lot of people are feeling a lot of stress over this disease. It would be great if CWs could be used to keep things like counts out of the public eye so those people can be less stressed by their social media.

Thanks for your consideration.

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While the world is justifiably focused on #COVID19 remember that our (US) leadership has yet another plan to effectively outlaw encryption called "EARN IT".

People who can't use email are ipso facto not competent to draft such legislation.

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No one remembers Meals On Wheels

1) exists
2) does exactly what people propose a non-profit community-based food delivery service should
3) was gutted by the current administration because a lot of their funding was federal
4) is exactly what we need right now
5) does not need reinventing from first principles

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If you live in Seattle and you need work cause your job has essentially laid you off due to closures, go to Safeway.
We're hiring 2000 people in the Seattle area and often will have people working THE NEXT DAY of them coming in to apply.

Don't worry about it being a long term thing, if you need work Safeway will provide you with hours and a weekly check.

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covid-adjacent, uspol, longish 

after this is all over, be sure to remind people, as often as they'll allow you to get away with it, that:

telecoms did not need data caps, had plenty of capacity to donate to low-income folks, and were never in danger of going bankrupt because of the lack of data caps or the additional usage
folks who work on computers all day can do that wherever computers are; most tech offices are merely trophies to show off to other tech offices.
the government wasn't concerned with helping people, it was concerned with helping business. it was people who were helping people and often the government merely got in the way of that.
trillions of dollars was found to allocate as soon as they wanted to; every time anyone asks how anything will be funded it's merely to shut down the conversation.

keep a running list of your favorite facts and get them in front of as many folk as you can, as often as you can, and maybe, just maybe, we can get more folks on board for change

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While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

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staying sane during coronavirus isolation. 

With most of our upcoming shows canceled, my performing troupe has agreed to schedule "Calls with a clown" for people who have been isolated.

Details here:

It's a little thing, and I'm guessing it will do us more good than the people who request the calls.

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