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He who dies with the most toys...

is still dead.

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sexual assault, MIT, everywhere else 

Darn. The solitaire game I've been playing since Android 3.something is not compatible with Android 10. It has been abandonware for several years now so I don't expect it to ever work again. πŸ˜”

And the bus pills away from the Vancouver station at 20;38. Sigh.

I've gone from s fantastic business class seat with plenty of leg room to a very cramped bus seat.

Return to the station: 19:16

Now they're threatening us with buses. Damn it.

Scheduled departure: 17:45
Departure from station: 17:36
Departure from 100' from station: 18:57

Yep, going to be a bit late tonight.

The train left 10 minutes early.. Then stopped. Evidently there's a problem with an air hose somewhere. Train travel can occasionally be frustrating.

Unless you're into modem skyscraping condos and business buildings. In that case you may love Vanc.

Someone must have bought or discovered my Gmail address. The "lonely lady wants some..." fraud emails have been roaring in at about 2000 times the normal rate over the last few days. Gmail catches most of it but I get one or two in my inbox now and then.

Cook's Illustrated's Cherry Clafuti recipe works well with blueberries, that's all I can say.

That and I really need to stop eating this.

08:00 and my office is already 74.4F. I hope I don't have to do any braining this afternoon.

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my transit etiquette take: you're not doing anyone a favor by standing if there are empty seats. yes, yield your seat to someone who needs it more if the opportunity arises. but standing up on a half-full coach or carriage only makes you more in the way

It was completely acceptable for a first try.

Trying a new-to-me recipe, cherry clafouti. I haven't had one of these in a very long time. I used the last of the seasons Rainier Cherries for this so I hope it came out.

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'The youngsters talk about microservices like they’re a good thing. They have this ridiculous idea that everything should be broken up into tiny services that can be programmatically deployed across a bunch of computers that belong to strangers and are managed for the benefit, convenience, and enrichment of those strangersβ€”I’m sorry, I mean β€œdeployed across the cloud.” ' :flan_writing:​

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