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Off-site backups are always recommended but it's fantastic when you build a server space that protects the primary storage as well.

I was juicing a lemon so I could make some hummus when the lemon decided it wanted vengeance. It sprayed all over my face. If I hadn't been wearing glasses that would have been incredibly painful. Don't forget kids, in the .

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Hey devs, please do me a favor:

Don't try it until you've mocked it.

Observation I just made in a host's documentation: "The server was last patched 24 JUL, 2019. It is low priority as a service but should be a high priority for replacement given it's a web server running exposed to the Internet. Low priority hosts tend to be high-value targets to others."

What say you, @thegibson ?

Trying to read some PGP-encrypted email from 2011 but gpg2 is way too smart for that. No error message but it doesn't see my old key. I suspect it's too few bits.

State-sponsored MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks just got even more brazen.

Anyone here using or have thoughts on signal (the secure chat system)?

I've just heard about the KyoAni fire. This is heartbreaking. So many bright lights lost to an arsonist's evil.

Seattle Area types - and anyone else in the area who does IT support things - come join for snacks and chat.

First you curse, then you recurse, then everything goes to hell.

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just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

This is bad, this is very bad. The textbook industry already massively fscks students with expensive textbooks. This will make buying used almost impossible.

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Just discovered a new type of spam (phishing?) attack on the fediverse.

Someone has been making accounts with usernames similar to the ones admins of Art Alley have, copying our avatars/headers, and sending DMs to people.

Attacker is using random temporarily e-mail providers and their browser locale is Russian.

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Just kinda posting this here because of some negative experience I've had with Mastopeeps in the past. Fortunately it's never been anyone from .art and it's been a while since I got harassed.

But honestly, if you don't like my pin-up art, you can mute/block me and my feelings won't be hurt. Unless someone is breaking actual rules/laws there is no excuse to call them out just bc you personally don't like it.

survey time. What end-user documentation do you consider most important? What do you write first?

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