Few things are more dangerous than a bored . Always keep yours distracted with interesting work, lest they start looking for things to improve.

I enjoyed Seattle Musical Theater's production of Elton John & Tim Rice's Aida. There's 8 more performances left, I recommend it if you like Musical theatre and are in the area.

(Seattle Musical Theatre) had to cancel all 4 performances of Aida last weekend (opening weekend) because of the snow.

As a result the show I'm seeing tonight - the one I intentionally didn't book for opening night - is opening night.

"Back in the old days" people would ask me if they should buy a Mac or a PC. Again, exactly the wrong question.

- Figure out what you want to do.
- Then figure out how best to do it.
- Then figure out what software does that best.
- Then figure out what you need to run that software.
- Then figure out what hardware you need to use.

Today the base question may be different but the base answer is still the same.

Getting it backwards is rarely the key to success.

I hear a lot of references to "we have to be cloudy" or "we need to increase the devops!" or "Docker all the things!"

This is _exactly_ the wrong thing to say.

The thing to say is "what is our goal?" followed by "how can we best achieve this goal?" Sometimes that involves cloudy devopd k8s and sometimes it involves a RasPi and sometimes it involves something in the middle.

You have to know what your target is before you can legitimately say you have hit it. ...

um.. happy rub salt in the wounds day? Or is it more of a lemon juice on cuts kind of thing?

Please join me in a moment of radio silence for the lost .

: always keep a history file of recent changes (aka 10000 line .history and sudo log file). You never know when you'll need to rollback.

Evidently the thundersnow was just a transformer exploding. There are reports of several giving up in the storm. That's ungood.

The loaf of bread I made yesterday is ~75% gone.

Good thing I made another one today.

Oh brother. Nest (as in the Alphabet company, you know the one that has Google Authenticator) has announced 2FA "protection" for accounts - using SMS. That's.... just bad. nest.com/blog/2017/03/07/extra

Best use I've made of a snowy day in a very long time.

This incredibly dangerous book has been sitting next to my recliner for close to a decade. I just opened it again and now I remember why I put it down. Anyone up for a bacon tasting party? It'll only cost $BIGNUM and probably kill everyone from .

Clear skies, lots of snow being pounded into mush, and mid-20sF. That's like the summoning incantation for black ice. I'm not going to be driving anywhere for a while, that's for sure.

I'm 80% expecting campus to be closed on Monday due to weather.

I have a bunch of on-site work I need to do to migrate hosts off a Juniper switch I want to upgrade (from single to VC) on Wednesday.

These two things are not compatible.

Nicely done, I can barely see the schoolyard across the street.

ok , I have gone in to Campus and done the things I needed to be physically present to do. I am WFH now. Bring on the .

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