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Friendly observation... if you have no posts and no information about you in your profile please don't be surprised when I decline your follow request.

Have a 09:30 meeting on campus. Arrived at 08:30 because distracted.

Good chance to catch up on email and other things I've been too distracted to deal with. Now the meeting is only 8 minute away and I feel like I've accomplished something.

were't able to mount on our racks (maybe that's why it wasn't in use?) but I rigged something that should last long enough for the new CDU I just ordered to arrive.

And yes, we did order a second one so we'd have a known-quantity spare.

While working on this I was *very* grateful to have my noise canceling earbuds. I'd have gone deaf from all the "I don't have power!" alarms that were going off.

This morning's excitement: a CDU (Cabinet Distribution Unit, like a PDU only taller) failed. Two of the three segments went dark, taking power to all those power supplies with them.

Thankfully I'd spent my first several months here migrating dual-PS hosts to dual CDUs so nothing production went down.

Lucky 2, we had a "spare" CDU... a CDU no one knew anything about. At least it's a *working* CDU. The mount brackets ...

I just ordered a box set of Gurren Lagann because I haven't been able to find it on any of the services I currently subscribe to (and I prefer to own things, not rent them).

It's backordered, of course.

Serious points off for obfuscated design, @abode . This is an alarm system, it needs to work when someone is panicking.

Would you know which buttons to press in an emergency?

I'm case it wasn't obvious, this is clearly idiocy.

Informed by colleague: Major embargo just ended. There's a serious bug in the TCP stack around SACK which makes it relatively straightforward for people to cause machines to kernel panic. CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478, CVE-2019-11479.

Introducing the concept of "Ambient Privacy". I think this is a good concept and deserves a lot of consideration.

Today is the closing performance of SMT's production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. This is also SMT's last show of the season. It is also SMT's last show in this theatre.

It is also very likely SMT's last show, ever.

This is my 31st, and likely, last show with SMT. I'm a bit verklempt right now.

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There is no straight pride for the same reason we don't have soup kitchens for the rich.

So, I may have made my save against donuts but I completely failed the save against small-batch hyper-local ice cream.

It's national donut day but I made my saving throw against will on my way to work this morning and didn't stop for one.

Darn it.

As I expected, I'm not even remotely tempted by any of the games coming to Stadia.

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