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Friendly observation... if you have no posts and no information about you in your profile please don't be surprised when I decline your follow request.

Conference registration for LISA19 - "the premier conference" is now open. It's in Portland, OR in late October. Come network with us!

Evidently Musical Theatre *is* planning on having a 42nd season. I'm still waiting to hear _anything_ more than that.

I hope we do 42nd Street. That seems apt, somehow.

In my defence "across the hall" is also "on the other side of the atrium".

When I came in this morning I heard a very annoying high-pitched alarm sounding. I walked all over the building listening for it, including going up multiple floors (we have a huge open atrium area so sound travels very strangely).

I eventually found it across the hall from my office.

I really should stop listening to the Floating Leaves Tea podcaster after 10:00. I want some tea right now but I need to sleep tonight.

My biggest objection to biometrics-as-security is you can't just change your password when they leak.

Biometrics should be treated like your account name, not your password.

"Biostar security software 'leaked a million fingerprints'" -

I guess I'm easily amused today. The 'alias please="sudo"' post seemed like such a nice idea I've implemented it at work and home. Now to see if I remember it.

I really need all the positivity I can find. Maybe this will help.

Ironic? The first follow request I got from the HateSiteThatShalNotBeNamed was for an obvious spambot (pretending to be desperate female wantin' my bod). That entire site is now blocked for me, thanks spammypants.

Maybe that's just the way they roll. Ever so slightly on the sadistic side. :)

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It's one of _those_ days. It started when I realized I'd forgotten to bring lunch and hasn't gotten much better.

... No changes were made by anyone. I tracked the problem down to SSSD's not being happy with TLS when talking to AD.
After more research $BOSS discovered the AD hosts had issued themselves new certs, disabling the signed ones we were using. We had a two hour outage because of this. Thanks-no-thanks ! ๐Ÿ˜ก

This morning a user reported not being able to log into a Linux host they'd logged into 2 hours before. I verified that nothing had changed in puppet and asked $coworkers if they'd made any changes to AD (which we use for LDAP). ...

I'm listening to a tea podcast. It's way too late in the day for me to drink tea (I do need to sleep tonight) but damn I want some theaquanyuen.

Just past 08:00 and my office is already 75F. It's going to be a bad day for braining.

That would imply there was something good about - this would be false.

I hate it when you're on the bus or some other closed area and a smoker sits near you. The stench is horrible, especially if the smoke is strong and stale.
IMHO, smoking turns a 10 into a 0.

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