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Friendly observation... if you have no posts and no information about you in your profile please don't be surprised when I decline your follow request.

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Urgent Need for Qualified Tabletop Role-Playing Game Masters for At-risk Youth 

Border officials can’t have β€˜boundless’ access to search devices, court rules - The Verge

I have serious doubts ICE will honor this decision. This regime has a very well established penchant for ignoring the courts when they lose.

So, just ordered my 20# turkey. The holiest month is starting!

Fair warning: is, to me, The Holiest Day of the Year. If you have issues with food or feasts it might be good to ignore me for the next 4 or so weeks.

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Hey new mastodon users. A lot of us won't follow you back unless you have posted before and have an avatar. Otherwise you look like a bot.

So, if you're getting started try dropping an #introduction post in there first before you start clicking that "follow" button a bunch.

With the results of this week's city council elections in mind, I hereby change the names of two areas of

My neighborhood is now "Nimbyania Amazonia" while Capitol Hill, formerly the , is now "Amazonian Douchbrovia".

Please make a note of it. just came back online after ~4 days. I hope I didn't miss anything interesting.

It isn't production until it has survived a vulnerability scan.

Tell me about your favorite language oriented object.

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@thegibson Blood OAuth. Make the ultimate pact with your network.

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when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

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How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

Local and other nerd types might find interesting. It's a free conference held at Seattle Central in mid-November.

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