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I thought my days of running on coffee and beef jerky were over but hooray they're still here.

Does anybody have an instance recommendation for writers?

Does anybody have an instance recommendation for writers?

I just moved... If you export and import, you can continue to follow the same people, but they have to re-follow you... So yes, remember to include on your old profile where you've moved to (and boost yourself a couple of time)

I just got into it with a bunch of hill people farmers on the bird site so I’m sure I’ll be banned shortly. They are such a gross faction of sexist racist knuckleheads.

🎶 do you like peanut coladas

Because I think they are gross

I think I made this drink wrong

Does it even have peanuts 🎶

is there a german word for the abstract feeling you get when you’ve had two songs next to each other on a playlist for so long it feels weird to listen to one without it being accompanied by the other

I’m laying in bed watching scary movies with headphones on while my husband snores away next to me and that’s an intimate unexciting yet highly cherished snapshot of my marriage.

Not to sound like a complete film snob but Blair Witch 2, just taught me the term “monomaniacal reductionist” so 5 stars, would watch in a graveyard with pals while vaping microdoses of the devil’s lettuce and complaining about all these new Sephora witches everywhere.

Missing friends from Twitter? Reach out to them and invite them. Try multiple times.

Give them good reasons too, like this amazing picture of precariously stacked Commodore disk drives.

My anniversary isn't for another 4 months but everything is so depressing, all I want to do is plan the sandwiches I'm going to eat while we're "hiking in the desert" (like who does that really, it's fake right...I mean...scorpions?)

dr bronners is for when you forget your phone when you go to the bathroom

@dickiegreenleaf back when Elon Musk was having his pedo meltdown, I learned he has five kids and five mansions and it's like, if I'm ever so online that I'd rather be picking fights on twitter than spending time with my kids in any of my five giant homes just fucking shoot me.

@thefrybreadriot @DangerTits after they banned my main account that i had for 4 years I quote tweeted david duke and tweeted to @jack and @mrdonut "how can you ban me when you let this guy on here" and they banned me

if you ask me, we should take his example and all try to mackle less

In a world of people with super strength, flight, laser vision, super speed, etc... You're just a normal guy with immortality. You can't be killed, but you sure as hell can't fight back. Describe your average week.
#writingprompts #writing

hey guys! this is an awesome org I work with that's sending ppl to Texas to do direct action vs the child concentration camps. if you can spare anything please donate!

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