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Aaron Smith @theartguy@mastodon.cloud

Timelapse Animation Lets You See the Rise of Cities Across the Globe, from 3700 BC to 2000 AD goo.gl/VDahKL

Zip ties, nuts, and the wheel from a sliding patio door.

I am now a celebrity among my students.


If you can use the internet to cheat on my test, it's my fault for making a low quality assessment. Remember this as we think about Finals. mastodon.cloud/media/wmYbF_Uq6

@theartguy Oh, but the parent of the child blowing raspberries for the last 20 minutes straight is staying until the end.

Parents that leave an elementary concert early because THEIR child is done being on stage upset me more than the ones who don't turn off their camera flash, but at least at this rate I won't have to fight traffic when the concert's over.

That feeling one gets when you reply to someone's email within a few minutes of recieving it, only to get an "Out of Office" auto-response.

Today our Librarian, myself, and several students geeked out about how to make spinners. They're using a clay mold, I'm using zip ties.

Ban things if you want, but it's more fun to take student interests and bend them to your curriculum.

A company I don't know has emailed me about a training session I had no interest in attending.

It's canceled.

I'll try to contain my disappointment.

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Apparently Comcast files anti-net neutrality comments to the FCC using your name and service address twitter.com/bennjordan/status/

Tech is meant to make our lives easier. If it's making your life harder, someone's* doing it wrong.

*This someone does not have to be you. mastodon.cloud/media/NDgF7tw7R

Lesson idea: Have students film or photograph a scene where a reflection's interaction with its surroundings is a creative portion of the composition.

This Forest Mirror Illusion is Bending People’s Minds petapixel.com/2017/05/23/fores

Teaching myself how to program in the PICO-8. I'd like to think I'm making progress. mastodon.cloud/media/52N2dbBJW

I'm really enjoying Subway Tooter for Android, moreso because it's so much better when I use it on my ChromeBook.

Columns. Columns for days.

I've been telling my students about most of these tips for years now. They work well, some of them even with cell phone footage.


I'm going to have to step up learning how to program using PICO-8. That blog post is getting a bunch of hits.

...oh, yeah, and my students think it's a cool idea.