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Aaron Smith @theartguy@mastodon.cloud

Moving (again) (hopefully for the last time) as I find instances geared towards my interests.

I should already be following you on at least one of these accounts if I was already doing so here.

Academics: @theartguy
Gaming: @Crash

@clhendricksbc I'm... much older, but I've always fidgeted with things. it's calming and often useful as a coping mechanism.

@noelle She passed away a long time ago. Son married an Asian woman, so I have doubts that the bigotry was passed down.

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Any instances of Mastodon popping up specific for folks in higher education?

@clintlalonde I will switch in a heartbeat if one does. If one doesn't, I might set up (or pay to have set up) one myself.

@noelle When my parents bought their house back in 19*coughI'mOld*, there was a stipulation that it would not be sold to black people.

Still almost didn't get it, because they're Lutheran and seller was Catholic.

Seller relented, saying "Well it's not like you're Jewish."

She was my neighbor for 20 years. Didn't know this until recently.

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Church sign:

"I don't think quotes go there, Bob."
"Well they need to go somewhere, Frank. I'm not putting them around "Thanks" again, not after that business with the Sunday School Potluck."

@clhendricksbc I got clarification that ban is "Any spinners taken Will only be returned to parents." My admin says I don't have to take them now. 😀

Well, it's happened.

As of tomorrow, spinners are banned at my school. The stance is that too many students are using them as distractions.

Study Suggests You're More Likely to Be a Disruptor If You Got Lower Grades in School


I heard an ad in the grocery store today that ended with "Vaccines: They're worth a shot."

It's the little things that make me smile.

@clintlalonde Let me know how it goes. I'm not 100% sure Tiny Tiny RSS will work with Dreamhost, but if the software's a good replacement for Feedly it might be a good weekend project for me to mess with it.

I am only a beginner at using LUA, but I'm enjoying what I've managed to wrap my head around so far.

This is simple collision detection, with the paddle changing color to show that the ball hit it. Eventually I'll have it doing more, but it's a start.

I am still learning. mastodon.cloud/media/HPTD5b_bQ

@MsYutani Have you tried neocities.org ? They look to be a spiritual successor in a way.

@noelle Oh, there are studies that support hand writing/doodling on paper vs. typing digital notes, but this is for a 9 week class.

Give me one notebook for writing things down. Otherwise, all the handouts will be online.

I'm writing curriculum for a Tech Integration class, so I'm looking up syllabi for similar courses.

"Materials: Composition book, blue or black ink pens, pencils, pocket folders, notebook
paper, binder"

... OK ...