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Aaron Smith @[email protected]

I am only a beginner at using LUA, but I'm enjoying what I've managed to wrap my head around so far.

This is simple collision detection, with the paddle changing color to show that the ball hit it. Eventually I'll have it doing more, but it's a start.

I am still learning. mastodon.cloud/media/HPTD5b_bQ

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Let's play a game called "Guess which day my supervisor sent out an email with a link to my blog." mastodon.cloud/media/4D8Ue2dIN

Zip ties, nuts, and the wheel from a sliding patio door.

I am now a celebrity among my students.


If you can use the internet to cheat on my test, it's my fault for making a low quality assessment. Remember this as we think about Finals. mastodon.cloud/media/wmYbF_Uq6

Tech is meant to make our lives easier. If it's making your life harder, someone's* doing it wrong.

*This someone does not have to be you. mastodon.cloud/media/NDgF7tw7R

Teaching myself how to program in the PICO-8. I'd like to think I'm making progress. mastodon.cloud/media/52N2dbBJW

I may be aware that *I'M* the one that told my router to reboot, but this message still fills me with dread. mastodon.cloud/media/mW-P48HmO

Blog Post: Getting Homework To Work (Part 1/2): academicaesthetic.com/homework

In which I decide to make my homework as distant from busy work as I can manage.


*Looks at blog visitor stats.*
*Shrugs and creates a post called "Unknown search terms.* mastodon.cloud/media/FQTUtdb6h

Oh, and while I'm going through my camera, this happened the other day. mastodon.cloud/media/hNSb9Sg1M

I got some great photos of our Spring Concert tonight. I regret that I can't share them but I'm not risking anything when I don't know which kids have or don't have signed release forms. mastodon.cloud/media/ZUBdIJk2U

Well if you put it like THAT....
(Also 114 days until next school year.)

Blog Post: Is Sharing Still Theft If It’s A Site Feature?

Yes, this happened on the bird site, but it's not exclusive to that service.


Alternate assessment: This might actually be the number of times I forgot my password. mastodon.cloud/media/0MxZHQhyt