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Aaron Smith @theartguy@mastodon.cloud

Well, it's happened.

As of tomorrow, spinners are banned at my school. The stance is that too many students are using them as distractions.

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@theartguy At my son's school (K-7) the kids can play with them at recess, just not in the classroom during class time.

@clhendricksbc I got clarification that ban is "Any spinners taken Will only be returned to parents." My admin says I don't have to take them now. πŸ˜€

@theartguy I still don't get it. My son has one and loves it but I'm trying to figure out what is so cool. He's 9. Maybe it's just that others say they're cool?

@clhendricksbc I'm... much older, but I've always fidgeted with things. it's calming and often useful as a coping mechanism.

@theartguy That makes sense. I suppose I've never been a fidgeter so I didn't quite get it. But I can see that!