So no one can see you liked a toot but you and the if you want to help folks find content, you MUST boost.

Do I have this right?

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Fave #whiskey

If you turn on 'creator mode' in - you get superpowers! Free features and data.

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Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

Testing new UX for subscribers on with our tools

Create connections, then easily switch between users/databases all from a single screen in your OCI console.

I always forget to hit the Start button when working out.

So I like did stuff and it didn't even count.

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Oracle instances have a minimum memory requirement depending on CPUs in use.
It's a quite linear function - with smiling residuals:

@sspendol remember when we used to start or end every talk with - hey, you should join Twitter if you really want to turbo-charge your career?

I noticed a few more enthusiasts are here if you're looking for content.

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should i ditch my debilitating internet addiction instead

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If someone is giving a con talk, don’t throw shade at the presenter and call their talk basic. If they’re presenting it’s a chance to learn more and likely isn’t basic for everyone in the audience.

So how often do you get to build a brand new product, from the ground up?

It's exciting and daunting. Build that baby right, because it's going to be here for decade(s?)

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