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just drank some paper milk, which is what I call a dollar bill in a glass of milk

complaining about medicine 

It's this low-key signal from my body that's like "hey, there's something floating around in here that doesn't belong" dammit body, it's HELPING, get over yourself

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complaining about medicine 

I'm on day 3 of a 14 day course of antibiotics that I have to take 4/day. My mouth tastes like metal.

Have you seen the one where he gives his cows a remote controlled ball for Christmas?

@jackdaw_ruiz I met with the artistic directors of the theater company I work with to discuss what responsibilities they want me to take on as a new core company member & I was so nervous going in but they really had a bead on my strengths! Which was amazing because I have a hard time trusting people to Get me. It's unpaid but it's work I'm exited to do and like... maybe this is the supportive loving community I've been searching for?

did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

Margaret: i have this dog, who is both long and good, and it needs a name

"Are you a vampire?"

The barista blinked at the question and then laughed softly, "What? No, why do you ask?"

"Um," the customer stared at their feet in the nearly empty cafe. "I saw..."


"Last night."

The barista tilted their head.

"You were talking to a bat."

"Oh! That's just Juliet; she's a friend and a very good listener."

"Is... Juliet a vampire?" the customer asked hopefully, tiny fangs visible as they bit their lip.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

#SolarpunkReporting or maybe #reporting in general:

Have you heard about Solutions Journalism? Its main idea is to step beyond the regular investigative journalism and show solutions to the problem which worked in other places.

It combats news fatigue and allows people to see that they _can_ do something. It gives hope where regular journalism just exhausts us with a constant stream of bad news.


#solarpunk #journalism

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