Opening night for my play tonight, boost to help me remember my lines, fav to prevent me from projectile vomiting onto the audience

Update: I remembered my lines, I didn't barf, I think it went okay!

@jackdaw_ruiz Tonight went okay too! Now I just gotta do it *checks calendar* 14 more times


it's only gonna get better!

and then there's gonna be a weird/bad one and you're gonna hear a person in the audience who is obviously sick and coughing very loudly -- but then the rest after that performance get good again!

@jackdaw_ruiz so there wasn't anyone coughing in the audience today but there *was* somebody playing with a handful of change, luckily I have a few choice scenes where I'm angry so I was INCANDESCENT WITH RAGE today. lol matinees

@tessaracked @jackdaw_ruiz incandescents are rather inefficient. have you tried being a 30 watt LED with rage?

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