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Heute haben wir in der Synogoge von Rhodos zufällig Sami Modiano getroffen. Er überlebte Auschwitz und erzählte uns - einer deutschen Gruppe - seine Geschichte. „Mach ein Foto von meiner Nummer und zeig es allen! IHR müsst die Geschichte weitererzählen!“ #niewieder

@nawi @tootapp @ConnyDuck It's a self-correcting problem: if app devs block Nazis everyone wins except Nazis. If app devs block too many other things or less repugnant things then there will eventually be a larger market for new apps that still block Nazis, but not less extreme content. Would you feel the same if the app dev was blocking pedophilia? Rape apologists? Murder-for-hire solicitations? Are you saying those things should be available by default?

@nawi @tootapp @ConnyDuck You can educate people about Nazis without listening to Nazis or giving them a platform to push their ideas. Some ideas deserve no respect, no quarter and no opportunity to be debated. Trying to be "fair" only gives them some semblance of legitimacy and allows those ideas a chance to re-spread and infect those with an impaired anti-Nazi immune system.

Why am I tooting about capitalism, Nazis and greed instead of IPv6, INFOSEC and Linux?!? Oh, because ignoring v6, INFOSEC and Linux doesn't get people killed, and ignoring Nazis does.

@thj the prob isnt capitalism, it's personal greed, which can exist in all forms of government, unless it is truly confiscatory (which few really are). Capitalism has just enabled and normalized greed, more than many/most other forms of govt. btw I would say "eat the rich" but they're pretty loaded with toxins and metals and flat out gamey

@nawi @tootapp So, the app becomes useless for talking to Nazis? (SRSLY - I get what you're saying, but if an app owner goes overboard and starts blocking non-hate speech, then there will be a market for a different app.)

@nawi @tootapp I'm OK with this. I know I don't want to: see hate speech, support Nazis or condone white supremacist terrorists. If my admin will take care of this so I don't have to, I'm good with that. If my admin later makes a decision that I don't like, such as perhaps boosting anti-vax or climate denial, then I'll move somewhere more sane and less stupid. Or run my own instance. Setting "norms" is part of a platform providers responsibility, which T and FB have failed at.

@elomatreb HAHAHAHAHA Have you read sendmail.conf in the original elvish? pre-m4?

@thenomad I'm writing about SIMH on GCP now, IPv6 is sooooo last century.

OK, that's weird - @mastodon thinks I've been away since July 30 2018, and just sent me an email with all the "interactions I've missed" ?? New feature trying to catch up or ??

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The fact that people say shit like "I really respect the fact that you manage to make do without Google" kinda shows me how up that paddle-less creek we are.

You're not quitting heroin. You are saying "Oh its cool I don't need these services I didn't have anyway before"

@Kangethe Lie detectors are useless. the US Natl Acad of Science has proven this multiple times. There is specific training on how to beat them, and it illegal in some US states to teach those classes, because they work. some people naturally defeat the @#$ things without any training

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I have a Toot Safety Officer on standby 24/7, their job is to watch my posts and if I make a particularly bad one blow up my instance remotely
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You know, while I'm on the subject of moderation, if you come to a place where one of the draws is "the moderators are human beings and not faceless representatives of a corporate monolith" and then you keep treating the moderators like faceless representatives of a corporate monolith, you're probably part of the problem, not the solution.

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@jerry I'm a fan of the registrar register4less.com - they also have an email offering - based in Canada, so they'll be very polite in asking LE to come back with a (Canadian) warrant :-)

@Animalmagic There's a lot of "social" that needs to change along with it. I've visited Arcosanti, back when it was beginning, you should also look at "Oath of Fealty" to see bigger tech/social/economic issues - it *can* be done

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Seeing low battery in other people's screenshots makes me anxious.

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