Transitioning to because English. I'll still love you friends.

I follow my lawn mower problems with a new problem. Awakened is apparently improper. Woken I guess is more proper. I'm blaming my poor word usage on being flustered over the incessant buzz of lawn mower I've been hearing for the past 20 minutes. It sounds as if it's 1.5 blocks down the street and yet it penetrates my home driving me a bit mad. Get a GD electric mower!

Fuck gas powered lawn mowers. Am I right? How badly are those things destroying the environment? I've done only the barest of research but it seems to me they're less emission regulated than cars, get run at least once a week in many cases and the noise pollution... Getting awakened by one almost every morning during spring, summer, and fall.

Man, price vs performance AMD is killing it. I bought an RX480 at launch. Probably holding off until Vega.

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It's not perfect but don't buy the haters arguments - Battlefront

Any folks interested in out there? I've got baby's first FPV racing drone coming in the mail later this week. The tech is only going to continue to get more prevalent. Lets talk about it!

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The cost of running a #mastodon instance, dealing with problem users, black/white lists and scalability for an increasingly-popular social network; interesting :

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I assume the fix is to just create a new account on a different instance and use the import/export data tool to transfer my current toots. Sucks having to go through those steps again. It also wouldn't transfer my follows. Seems like there should be a migrate instance tool.

My local timeline has turned entirely Japanese. I love Japanese I just can't read it. Is migrating instances a thing? Is there a better way to manage content so I can get things I can read?

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@shannonmorse Not sure if mastodon got updated but I managed to find you by searching just "@shannonmorse". Didn't need to know your network as you indicated in the recent Hak5. Also thanks for demoing this. I had looked at it but came back around after that ep. Cheers!

@kevin If you do take a shot at it let me know. I'd love to help test. I've got a Lumia 950 for testing the universalness if needed. I've fiddled with it a bit but I'm a shit programmer. It's just not my jam.

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