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The current list of ways something can get into the federated timeline:

- someone from your server is following that user
- someone from your server replied to that user
- someone from your server is following someone who replied to that user
- someone from your server liked/boosted it
- someone from your server copy/pasted the link into the search box, causing the server to load it

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Man, could you imagine if other workers reacted like tech Industry ones do?
"my car broke down." "UH, HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CAR THEN?"

@metbril Hi! Veel openHAB ervaring? Ik heb het pas geinstalleerd maar moet er nog devices aan toevoegen. Waarschijnlijk met ESP's/Raspberries, ervaringen daarmee?

Test on content warnings 

Amazed at the stupidity of some of the teachers here. My exam got moved but they forgot to inform me until 10 minutes in front? Like "Oh yeah we moved your exam earlier so you have it in 10 minutes".

@Liljeberg @codecat When searching it seems to convert to lowercase first. Not sure what you are trying

I should host an instance on my domain 🤔

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Imagine if Twitter started their own Mastodon instance

Good morning. After a while I decided to join this platform :)

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