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my favourite thing about people complaining about mastodon not being architected in a manner that's friendly to marketers/brands/analytics, is that the people don't realise mastodon might have been designed that way for a reason

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to reiterate: there will be _no_ #openbsd 6.1 cd set made. and it is very unlikely there will be future cd sets made, either.

Theo talks about it here:

Submitted workshop/talk proposal on basic binary protocol reversing/fuzzing to black hat and defcon. Still need to resubmit for workshop consideration at defcon.

I'm always a little surprised how many pentesters think this is some kind of archaic science. Really, it's just waiving around a dead chicken until something happens.

Also submitted IoT/Mirai/DMCA/R2R defcon lounge proposal. I really hope that one gets accepted.

Been a long day. Got a bunch of good smiles outta my kids at least.

tduehr boosted is the second largest instance. Glad to be apart of it!

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Every time you see a sinusoid, imagine that you are looking at a three-dimensional helix from the side. Those zero-crossings are illusory. The "amplitude envelope" is really just the distance to the time axis of the helix at any point.

A pure cosine becomes a perfect helix. If you change your view so that you are looking down the time axis, the helix looks like a circle. It is a point rotating about the origin over time. This is the fundamental figure of periodicity.

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"A Unix system administrator of my acquaintance once got curious about what people were putting into /dev/null. I think he also may have had some notion that it would contain secrets or other interesting material that people wanted thrown away. Both of these ideas are stupid, but what he did next was even more stupid: he decided to replace /dev/null with a plain file so that he could examine its contents.

The root filesystem quickly filled up and the admin had to be called back from dinner to fix it. But he found that he couldn't fix it: to create a Unix device file you use the mknod command, and its arguments are the major and minor device numbers of the device to create. Our friend didn't remember the correct minor device number. The ls -l command will tell you the numbers of a device file but he had removed /dev/null so he couldn't use that.

Having no other system of the same type with an intact device file to check, he was forced to restore /dev/null from the tape backups."
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"Programmer karma" should be a thing. Every time you don't write tests, you'll get double charged by some buggy legacy e-commerce site. Every time you don't document your code, you'll have to work with an undocumented API. Technical debt will come back around.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect of new Python programmers is breath taking. Cavalier disregard for best practices, because the language seems simple and easy to learn on the surface.

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It's interesting how users coming from Twitter to Mastodon want a global unique ID system. Yet no such system currently exists, only unique IDs within walled gardens. You can get a new email address, new phone number, even new Gov ID number. A good ban system isn't perfect, but it will 86 lazy trolls.

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Tired: parody accounts
Wired: parody instances!

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
1) pyrokinesis
2) bioluminescence
3) omnipresence
4) eyebeams
5) pine scent
6) robot arm
7) gills

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About risk profile:

- Mastodon is like email because you can't delete federated toots
- Mastodon is like twitter in that Google's search bots index it, unless your admins robot.txt it away
- Mastodon is like being a teenager because the people that own your instance can see all your private stuff

Have a talk with your admin about their policies.

By default, assume everyone will be able to read your toots forever.

What is that @key account? What are those keys for?

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Me shyly holding out a piece of paper and a pen to Judge Alsup

"Could... you make it out to Sarah"

My voice cracks a little as I ask

"And could... could you also reverse a string in Java right beneath that"

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