I had a sad... acorns are falling and I don’t have time to turn them into flour.


Person: what are you doing?

Me: ...spinning yarn

Person: you can do that?!?

Me: ...

Being a hacker is weird sometimes. It just occurred to me that people need to be more conscious of where they are when taking selfies; front facing cameras have gotten good enough you can get a decent idea of a persons surroundings in the reflections in the pupils.

Maybe I just need to get out more…

@ninjawedding which one is with quantum computers all having a MAGIC/MOREMAGIC switch installed that no one knows what it does but nothing works without it and MIT stops charging tuition?

I love running into people that are curious about my spinning because I’m doing it while waiting for random things in public rather than the fact you can spin yarn by hand in the first place.

That and kids curious about what I’m doing will make just about any day.

I feel like I'm in a horror movie; all the TVs have BLE in this hotel.

@Viss@mastodon.social this is not too bad an idea. As long as we don't call it something like "the shaded web."

Woot! They're finally getting my kilt in stock!

Why did I have to give up fantasies this year? This year sucks.

@postmodern you could definitely use either to remove medium.com links. Not sure which would be easier...

@craigmaloney again, that depends on your goals... if you have a specific string you need to find, regex can be useful for code. If you'd like to waken the Old Ones, by all means, go ahead and use regex to parse XML.

@craigmaloney if you're just looking for that type of bug then something like cppcheck should work well.

The biggest problem w regexes is the number of false positives in comments.

@postmodern corollary: why not add medium.com and others to /etc/hosts as a bogon?

@craigmaloney Eventually, you realize it's really a fractal and wish you'd have stayed w the salad in the first place.

@shekkiesqueaks@computerfairi.es we had a client that had a site which, as web2.0 took off, you would have sworn was Ajax laden. But there wasn't a bit of that in it. I used to admire the devs on that project somewhat for being able to pull that off so well. They've since moved the way everyone else has and there Ajax everywhere now but that site was a bear to pentest anyway (we worked w them for quite a while) and we don't do much work for them anymore.

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