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intro post!

hi everyone im a gay midwestern tanuki who goofs off a lot and likes meeting new people. hi!

i've become very good at playing doom with a macbook touchpad and it's honestly fucked up that there isn't an award for that

joe pera talks with you is very good... relaxing AND funny.

please watch this extremely good suzanne ciani video she's very good at the synthesizer hey good news a huge fan project (still on going) has made Silent Hill 2 PC way way way way more playable so if you haven't playe that game yet or have wanted to play it again, check it out imo

Finished this last night. It's nice to read smth that feels like it was written by the exact type of person u are

Yo what about if I just bought an amiga. Would that be normal to do

I usually think ppl who complain a lot about "small talk" are kinda odd, but anytime my coworkers say something like "huh, sandwich again!" after I bring sandwiches to work two days in a row? I get it.

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European friends, I might be in Dublin for work near the end of October. Anyone feel like hosting a dhole if I take some time off after that to wander Europe? :>

beer selfie 

To me it is very funny to say that a plane makes a "vroom vroooom" sound

im INTGay. that's my personality type or whataver

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