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Don't have a new build yet, but have been having fun learning some new tools😊 youtu.be/Jx3LoWV3XQ4

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Building your programming ability? Open "secret" about tech industry: programmers only productive about 3-4 hours/day & fake the rest. No need to sit 8 hours.

So don't burn yourself out! Maybe lie down & visualize, before coding tiny pieces. Understand a single thing in many ways; creates strong bricks as foundation of your knowledge. With stronger bricks, the faster you will be.

Maybe first write down a few different ways of doing something; list advantages & disadvantages of each. "Analyze tradeoffs."

Code's often a poor representation of thought, a thin brittle artifact that executes.

Time it took to reflash a hosed bootloader:

soldering SWD wires: minutes
time trying to reflash: hours
time figuring out how to undo the bootloader protection: tens of minutes
feeling of success: priceless

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Assembling Black Magic ARM 10pin JTAG/SWD adapters. While playing @scanlime stream on hacking IoT locks with Black Magic Probe in the background.

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Mastodon feels like what social media should have always been. I can remember how cool it was to learn about other people and other cultures as a youngster listening to #shortwave radio. . .The "bird site" & "ad-book" were never like that. It was always a bunch of angry people posting pictures of angry things, arguing how awful everyone else is. No real exchange of culture & no real learning about others. I have enjoyed more here in a week than years on other social media. Well played, Mastodon!

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it's so bizarre that everyone's judgment of mastodon's success uses the same rubric as twitter's success.

for me, marginalized ppl feeling loved, cared for, and supported in a radical, restorative space is a success and I don't think forbes will ever understand that

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:chart_with_upwards_trend: :v: Well, that escaladed quickly :p I opened mastodon.cloud one week ago. :smile:


Really cool new bootloader from Microsoft. makecode.com/blog/one-chip-to- Comes on the @adafruit Feather M0 Express.

Its makes updating firmware as easy as double tap reset, drag and drop.

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My awesome new logo by @kyoffie😎 I can also just use the overall version for signs at events with kids.

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instances.mastodon.xyz lists 326 nodes with over 123,000 combined users. Incredible

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If you are wondering why our federation timeline dosen't have alot of content its because you need to follow people to expand our access to the fediverse!

Production version of the @adafruit Feather M0 Express with CircuitPython freshly installed.

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