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Hey @privacytools Henry...

I must be missing something here... ***Why are you advocating for this insecure solution***, when it's patently not ready for primetime?

Perhaps a good idea, but Most of us have given up on it completely - it's not much more than beta software, and they haven't addressed potential exploits brought to their attention over a year ago (Maybe someday - but so far.... nope):


These are **serious flaws / security issues** in software purporting to be safe and they're also advertising it as secure in enterprise production environments.

This just isn't true - it is a #security_risk!

Yes, the romantic connotations of the magic buzzword ***"blockchain"*** are indeed compelling for taking a look at emerging use cases, but, #Henry... you're actually recommending this as a solution right there alongside #NextCloud.

I'd like to see you take a deeper dive - people really respect your take on #privacy and #FOSS advocacy, and in the past you haven't been bashful when it comes to changing your ratings and recommendations on say, so-called "VPN providers" when less than complimentary aspects of their handling of #customer_privacy has come to light.

You could have put #SyncThing up there next to NextCloud, or some other solution that although, may not be as romantic as something touting #blockchain security, is certainly secure - way more secure, and proven to be so.

For someone who literally had the balls to completely de-google himself (from an account you've had since you were ten years old), I know you can do much better, and your not easily bamboozled by crappy software under a pretty facade.

Come on my friend - let's wait until tomorrow before we begin promoting the general use of tomorrow's software.... if it ain't soup yet... ;)

#tallship #Vger #security

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The #Communist in Chief of the United States of America is silent, and nowhere to be found.

The #cowardly rapist won't even address his own #bolshevik supporters that voted for him to become #President.

This is epitome of one of the definitions of #High_Crimes_and_Misdemeanors, as thousands upon thousands, most certainly doomed to industrial rape, torture, and summary public executions by beheading cling to the wings and landing gear of planes taking off from Kabul... and then plummeting to their deaths - at least we can say that it's certainly not as horrific as the fate which most assuredly otherwise awaited them.

In less than six months in office, #Joe_Biden had already prevent himself to the world as the #worst_US_President_in_history - and now this total clusterfuck.

And it's not like everyone didn't already know this exact scenario was going to occur either - even the military and intelligence agencies affirmed this would be exactly what would unfold.

And yes, we're actually seeing helicopters evacuate Embassy personnel, just like that fucking disgraceful son of a bitch insisted would never happen.
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Oh I found this really amusing...

Okay back story. I'm a Longtime L.A. County Underwater Instructor. It's a rather elite organization originally founded by a couple of L.A. County lifeguards back in the 50's.

When I went through the program to be awarded those credentials, elder (so to speak) UICC members would come and give siminars, and one of them when I went through the program was a gentleman by the name of Nick Acorns. He's probably long since passed, but he was high up in a fledgling company at the time called Pelican products (They made plastic diving gear - like flashlights).

Fast forward to today, and Pelican Products are a huge supplier of durable plastic cases for the movie and music industry, law enforcement, and pretty much everyone who wants a watertight and indestructible case for their guns, as well as diving products.

So, I grew up in Torrance, where the company is headquartered, and I just stumbled across this article from Engadget. I litterally could not stop laughing, because I remember a few times that the Torrance or Redondo cops drew their 4 D-Cell Mag-Lites on me as a kid, which any intelligent being knows it is time to shut up and comply with whatever the cops are telling you to do....

Or spend the night in the ER.

That's the lead-in to this funny as fuck story (article) from April 2007 for anyone who has ever been the focus of why a cop drew their aluminum Mag-Lite's from their holster lolz.....

"It's kind of sad when one of the main features being touted by the LAPD about its new flashlights is their inability to provide suspects with a good beating, but after that very public 2004 incident in which a motorist took 11 blows from a heavy 'torch,' we guess the new model's light weight is indeed an important selling point. The 10,000 Pelican 7060's that officers will soon begin carrying -- specifically designed for the department of Rodney King fame -- sport two separate power switches, a no-slip 'grenade grip,' cooling fins on the shaft, and 130 lumen LEDs that are said to be capable of momentarily blinding a non-compliant individual. Sounds like good news for criminals and the falsely-accused, but maybe not so great for that cop in the direct path of a raging meth-head; in those situations, we'd take the cold hard steel aluminum of our four D battery MagLite over a wimpy Pelican any day of the week."

For those who would like to read the complete article, here it is:


#tallship #Vger #flashlight #LAPD #Pelican #funny #humor

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That was a little harsh I think. Henry's not really a total douchebag.... Not a total one anyway lolz!

Yo Henry!? You no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

#tallship #Vger #Henrys_kitchen


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#OpenMediaVault 6.0 was released a few hours ago this afternoon:


Yes, #Bullseye!

Incidentally, #Debian 10.10 was also released today (#Buster).

You can install OMV via the script above on a fresh install of Bullseye or d/l the OMV 6.0 iso and install from a bootable USB stick or DVD.

I've never been a fan of file based mass storage, so I've never really had much interest in #NAS, but it does well for cheap, small home based networks where folks like to keep collections of movies or other data mounted via NFS or #CIFS (#SAMBA) shares, and you can buy little network attached NAS boxes for cheap from your favorite consumer vendors.

#NFS itself is nice, and I make regular use of it, but why bother with an appliance when you can just enable that on a host directly and say, keep your #rsync replicated data or #Duplicity backups and #snapshots there?

Instead, coming from the big machine room environments with raised flooring and surrounded by a wall of glass, I look to the #SAN instead.

Because this is block based instead of file based, you can run a SAN on very little RAM w/o impact, and #OMV fits this bill quite nicely!

I've saved many enterprises over the years hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by rejecting exorbitantly priced Dell's EMC and of course the ever ubiquitous #NetApp appliances (among many others) in favor of deploying OMV in the datacenter with the native #iSCSI SAN plugin.

If you do this, please do not neglect to contribute to Volker - he does this for free and was one of the original dev's for the FreeNAS project. Im glad he decided to bring that expertise to Debian GNU/Linux as the base distro of choice for OpenMediaVault.

Prior to my having adopted OMV when it first launched, I used #OpenFiler.com which is a fantastic product - except for one thing, it's subscription based and nowadays the only non CE (Their terminology for "Commercial Edition", rather than what everyone else dubs, 'community edition') version is a little old and unsupported. It's very much a commercial and non community supported project and so I was very glad when they were making the transition and #Volker announced the very first release of OMV.

Yes, this version is a so-called preview, the 5.x branch had an update a couple of weeks ago.

I can't recommend OpenMediaVault enough, and it's also quite capable of managing things like #Portainer and #Nginx_Proxy_Manager along with all of the daemon's and services you would want to be forward facing services.

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #OpenSource #Open_Source @OpenSource @opensource
You can haz #Cheezburgerz!

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Okay it seems South Korean Crown Prince Andrew Lee is still up to his shenanigans. Now he's directly hijacked the FSF?

Here's the update letter from the FSF on the matter (the initial announcement went out a couple of days ago and now freenode has hijacked FSF assets there):

"Following our announcement of a planned gradual switch from the Freenode IRC network to Libera.Chat, Freenode staff, with no notice, seized control of the #fsf and #gnu channels away from FSF staff and GNU volunteers during the early hours of Sunday morning (EDT). This happened despite members of Freenode staff participating in the community meeting, as well as reassuring us publicly and privately that they would respect and support the resulting review and our decision. These channels were seized without informing the FSF or GNU representatives of any disagreements Freenode staff had with our plan, whether by means of the group contact system or otherwise. Adding to the situation's instability was their switch to a new IRC daemon late last night, also without notice, which dropped all existing nicks and channels from the database.

This has forced us to adjust our plans for the transition, a move that was already necessary due to an abrupt change in Freenode policy that occurred shortly after our announcement, which eliminated the distinction between # and ## channels that we planned to use to pass ownership of the #fsf and #gnu channels over to the wider free software community.

After several additional meetings of the working group FSF and GNU formed to investigate this issue, we announce the following changes:

The #fsf and #gnu channels on the Freenode network are to be considered unofficial and will not be moderated by FSF staff or GNU volunteers.

So as not to mislead users, who might otherwise think that the #fsf and #gnu channels on Freenode are the official channels for our organizations, the irc.gnu.org alias is being retired effective immediately. Instead, it is now pointed at a server of ours that will give notice of our migration to the Libera.Chat network to IRC clients that attempt to connect to it.

In light of these events, we would like to reiterate our call for GNU maintainers to move their channels away from the Freenode network, whether to a self-hosted server, alternate IRC networks such as Hackint or Libera.Chat, or other networks that fit the criteria we devised for our decision. Once again, GNU maintainers who have any concerns about their channels are encouraged to email maintainers@gnu.org with their questions.

In freedom,

Greg Farough
Campaigns Manager"

The web version is here:

So.... it appears to me at least, that freenode should now be considered a highly volitile and hostile network that should be avoided at all costs.

What are you thoughts on the matter, in light of the the preceding announcement update above by the FSF?

#tallship #Vger #freenode #andrew_lee #hijackers


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Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.


#tallship #Vger #dystopia #subjugation #privacy

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He was in the public dock, confessing everything, implicating everybody. He was walking down the white-tiled corridor, with the feeling of walking in sunlight, and an armed guard at his back. The longhoped-for bullet was entering his brain.


#tallship #Vger #dystopia #privacy #subjugation

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#Wake_the_fuck_up people!!!

All hail the great #Faceplant :P

I would love to hear what happens to anyone who dares to repost those graphics to their Faceplant or #InstaSPAM pages Muahahaha!

If you do, let us know, m'kay?


There's plenty of viable de-centralized social and communications platforms (secure too) that shield you from such instrusive raping of your most private secrets, and even what you publicly expound.

#Epicyon, #Pleroma, #Friendica, #Lemmy, #Misskey, #Diaspora, #movim, #matrix, #XMPP, #GNU_Social #Writefreely #jujeune #planetary (#scuttlebutt), and even using your own email services in defiance of what the great Spamming Google gmail engine virtually demands that you not do; are all very viable and privacy respecting opportunities to meet and make new friends, acquaintances, and forge business relationships with others who you'll know are already concerned with privacy respecting communications technologies.

I'll just let that, and the previous advertisements that exposed the private information about people using InstaSPAM and Faceplant users speak for itself.

Kudo's to #Moxie_Marlinspike - You go girl :)

#tallship #Vger #privacy #security #tracking #you_are_the_product

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I mean, even the term, "Cohorts"... don't you think that sounds kinda ominous?

A friend sent me this **All in One** cheat sheet link, and I encourage everyone to incorporate it and avail themselves of it:


Already, #Vivaldi said recently this is a no-go for their browser - keep an eye on your preferred #browser to see how respecting of your privacy they are.

#tallship #Vger #security #privacy #advertising #spyware #tracking #evil

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Okay I got my notification yesterday from #Debian and #Slackware, and I bit my tongue for a day on this one, because it is potentially so catastrophic. I migrated all of my Exim servers to Postfix and good ole Sendmail quite a few years back.

Now that the news itself is in the wild I'll link to an article:


#tallship #Vger #security #vul #MTA #exim @OpenSource

Please patch your boxes yesterday, if not sooner, and make sure you subscribe to ALL security lists for the software you run, m'kay?

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@dheadshot @eric @OpenSource

Yes, and let's not forget Microsoft who, last time I checked (going out on a limb here) got about $6 for every single Android sold - due to their Patent trolling.

A humorous aside, "/e/", aside from being a pain in the ass to search on as a term, if you ask a Ham Radio operator, will tell you that it can be correctly pronounced:

"Marky Mark" :P
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"Let's Crack the Cops!" - is that really what #Moxie_Marlinspike is advocating, or at the very least, implying that devs should consider when it comes to these *Apple pwn3rs?*

I sense there was a need for plausible deniability there in delivering that passive message, due to the #Cellebrite having "Fallen off" a proverbial truck lolz....

Oh you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

Fell off the truck, Oh that's rich!


#tallship #Vger #iPhone #vul #counterinsurgency

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For consideration by the privacy conscious folks out there, tired off being raped wholesale by the Google silos...

Before I begin this little phone rant, haber you read the great news about #Vivaldi categorically rejecting Google's latest insidious advertising scheme? I wonder if #Firefox will need able to resist? They get a lot of their dev money from Google y'know 🤘😎🤘

Okay then... What are some kewl choices that help protect your privacy where phones are concerned?

There's https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/ it's got physical switches to turn off the cellular radio and can even be completely removed and replaced (for a different IMSI - not to be confused with #IMEI which is tied to the SIM).

The battery is removable as well - w00t !! So not even the NSA can turn your phone on remotely lolz, and it will accept a whopper 2TB Micro-SD.

Do you ever lie awake in bed at night wondering why you can't get a phone with a removable battery?

I don't either anymore!

There are other physical kill switches that can turn off GPS, Wifi radio, and the mic/camera.

Imagine that though... Changing out your #IMSI in less than a minute without changing your OS or three configs for your installed applications! That's the one thing you can NEVER change on any other phone - meaning, there's no such thing as a #burner_phone (meaning, swapping out SIM cards is pointless) and anyone who thinks so.... OkayI'll be nice (I'm practicing being family friendly.... at least part of the time). But now there is a true burner phone, you quite literally can swap that puppy out Easy Peasy!

There's also the Pine Phone:

The #Pine_Phone is privacy respecting in the sense that it isn't actually an Android by any measure at all, but rather, a handheld Linux computer (pick your distro, I prefer #Slackware or #Debian). It can also function as a phone secondarily. I use a small #Bluetooth keyboard that can switch between three devices, and that would be a really handy setup for this er... phone, right? ;) Or you can use a full sized wireless combo keyboard/mouse and monitor for a #Linux box that fits in your pocket when you walk away from your desk.

Do you need it to do something really special? Tell me, what can't you do with a real Linux machine? Okay, you can't chop 🪓 🪵 wood or do laundry.

Really though, how kewl is that???

Neither are the best of any world though, but they are best in breed IMNSHO.

Let's look at pure #Android solutions now, k?

For #ROMs I prefer #CalixOS:

A de-googled #Pixel 3 XL with 128GBytes of storage is a pretty good and inexpensive platform for this which your can pick up all over #eBay for really cheap

It uses the #Aurora repo/store for closed source proprietary software (so you're de-googled) and of course you use F-Droid to install #FOSS or get the #APKs directly from the devs at their #Git repos (best way for some software, like #Fair_Email, for example).

There's also #GrapheneOS (https://grapheneos.org/), and it has a lot of supporters, but I don't find it as performant as CalixOS. Both are, however, fantastic.

Here's a tidbit about the so-called #MiFi pucks that you're entitled to when you're a member of the #Calix Institute... You're listed as Calyx Institute to the broadband provider - only you and the #Calyx_Institute know your identity because it's on their bill lolz, and that's kept secret and has never been compromised, because they maintain an active warrant canary. 🐦 So if you use one of those and a #Librem_5 with the cellular radio turned off or removed, and using your own #Asterisk server for #VoIP, you're truly just an IP addy surfing the internet while you're talking on the phone.

Of course... You'll need to do all this without your Candy 🍬 Crush. But... There's always APKPure in conjunction with #NetGuard from F-Droid 😉

I hope that helps! Please feel free to share this around with a #boost to raise awareness that, well... All is not lost, and #damn_the_torpedos!

And remember, you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

#tallship #Vger #OpenSource @OpenSource @eric

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