#MastoAdmins If you're using Nginx and haven't updated your config in a few weeks, you should check out the latest recommended config: github.com/tootsuite/documenta Lots of new stuff in there!

- Immutable caching (faster reloads)
- HTTP2 (faster everything)
- Default CSP (scores A+ on Mozilla Observatory)
- Gzip compression
- Better SSL settings
- Probably some more stuff I forgot!

これから、 @t_trace@ostatus.taiyolab.com が私のマストドンアカウントになります。

ながいながい db:migrate ... まあ、その間に仕事できるからいいけど。

now, t_trace@ostatus.taiyolab.com to be official my status.
launched own instance of mastodon on my domain.

Fun fact: The number of users now exceeds the population of .

should have my own instance of mastodon. next week, or so.

Founder of Japanese server hosting company supporting mstdn.jp says idea of the internet and distributed instances of mastodon.



a while, supported @vmconverter to translate homepage of Mastodon.cloud. Good rules. love


Cyberduckって S3 に対応してたのか! アカウント作りたくなったじゃないか!

I understand Ostatus as distributed communication model which was made by Twitter via open servers.
We saw tons of twitter follower service (and dead), but after Ostatus era, they might to be.
I imagine Flickr support Ostatus, to post boost(repeat) on Mastoodn or GnuSocial or so, without complicated deployment (you know Twitter App auth).
Next, we need blockchain based personal account capable for migrating with another service, might called be Oaccount?

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