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I am an absolute dumbass and I haven't read enough and almost all my knowledge about social issues comes from memes and Twitter/tumblr, the two hell sites so I really want to change that

I know there's an instance for art but is there any #

I promised myself I would draw today but I just ended up watching anime and YouTube videos all day

I'm useless I only know how to do cute girls with short hair,, long hair? Never heard of it

everytime 2 family members are close in an anime im afraid its gonna turn into incest

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LGBTQ stands for Let’s Give Broadswords To Queers

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To this day this meme is still one of my favourites like one day I just logged on tumblr saw this text post and everything went worse from there


"your other half" and "love always wins" mentalities are shit but I hate when it's only acknowledge as such with gay couples like they fight and never talk again but if the same happens to the straight couple they talk and cry and kiss and live happily ever after,,,, fuck off

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just exposed myself saying that i cant see private accounts tweets if i dont follow them even if theyre answering my tweet but they were actually answers from persons ive muted oops

the same happens when i play a game in english/watch too many videos of people using the english names for things so i just end up talking about those things using a lot of english words when my english pronunciation is shitty

im sorry but i just cant call anthy la novia de la rosa or la prometida de la rosa shes the rose bridge and now thats what sounds right to me

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i cant watch an anime dubbed when ive already watched it in japanese with subtitles and viceversa and i cant watch an anime with spanish subtitles when ive originally watched it with english subtitles

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