@swordbutch@todon.nl uhhh i really dont know if ill keep using this account but follow me there

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im gonna move to @swordbutch@todon.nl but idk if ill keep using this account tho

WAIT A SEC do the left outside spain know about Carrero blanco, our greatest astronaut??

This is my last toot about Franco:
He once tried to speak English and failed


Honestly there's a lot of memes and jokes about Franco I could tell

Leave it to the spanish left it's the only thing we know how to do

@WoozleWuzzle@mastodon.social JGKJSGS the lyrics are "franco franco he has a white ass because his wife cleans it with ariel" and children sing it

Is it known out of spain that we have joke lyrics for the spanish anthem that translate to franco franco he has a white ass

now, seriuosly, im happy theyre finally taking him out of his monument and the funniest thing is that not even his family want his body

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