Just wanted to share some more details about the candlelight concert at de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heilig-K yesterday but you can‘t upload a short 20s video here on Mastodon :(

Metatext just failed quietly - web client said the (very technical and wrong) 429 entity to large (413 would have been the matching code)

Maybe to late for having clicked on the "export all my data" button at Twitter…

"Das hier ist ein Tröt, der alle paar Monate und alle Jubeljahre aus nicht mehr nachvollziehbaren Gründen geboostet wird." (frei nach Tim Pritlove)

Moving forward with my complete Mastodon migration. Today I have added it to my quick links on my major personal page svenwal.de and verified this homepage also in my Mastodon profile


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