I guess these aren’t criminal cases (yet) but the federal government should have to prove fraud, not deny a valid, state issued birth certificate. This is ridiculous: apple.news/AT0-8B_Q4R82QIpb1wf

Stratechery has a good response to the NYT article (paywalled): stratechery.com/2018/facebook-

Thought this point was critical, and maybe makes me a little more sympathetic to Twitter's intent to add "alternative perspectives" into timelines:

I'm glad I deleted facebook, and am beginning to wonder how dangerous social media is when content is provided without context. It's not a "card" or a "post" but part of a larger narrative that facebook & twitter eviscerate in pursuit of volume, clicks and engagement. This story from the times is eye-opening: nytimes.com/2018/08/21/world/e

When is the primary for NY? Cuomo... yeesh.

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Anyone suffering from wildfire smoke this week: You can make a really cheap air purifier by taping a HEPA filter (from the furnace section of a hardware store) to a box fan: youtube.com/watch?v=kH5APw_SLU

I made one last summer, and it really helps. And it's cheap enough that you can make several if you need to clean the air in a larger space.

You might want to tape the filter to the back of the fan (instead of the front, as in the video), so it stays better.

It doesn’t look like has any sort of ephemeral option. Would like to see toots delete (or get set to private/get archived) after a configurable window of time.


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