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I am a terrible photographer. A lesson I just taught a bunch of tourists.

I'm pretty excited about the PS Plus freebies, this month. Ratchet & Clank and Claire: Extended Cut! Yay!

I'm also feeling kinda salty about the announcement to remove PS Vita and PS3 games from the PS Plus monthly haul.

The world doesn't need more first person shooters, or 3rd person murder island games. It needs better, more inclusive stories that can inform a new generation of gamer what it means to be a decent human being.

Spent some time working on a new site design, based on some things we learned about how people were using our old one. It's interesting, some of the surprises that jump out at you when you start trying to really understand it. Anyways, here's a screenshot.

Day 5 of the is just some observations:

1.) Grayscale has impacted some of the *function* of my phone, and I had to turn color back on to use it. Taking photos while I travel, for example.

2.) Apps are not often made for people with color-related accessibility needs. Google Maps traffic data, for example. Even the Mastodon app Amaroq doesn't do this perfectly.

3.) My usage is now almost entirely person-to-person chat, and some navigation stuff around L.A.

The chill of the Miyamoto Stasis Bay on Deck 5 seeps into your bones as actuators vent SRD processing gas into the cabin, an echo of a suppressed memory, leaking through your faulty neural processor. Is this a blessing? Or a curse? No one has these memories any more; They’re just too painful.

I just saw 2 poodles with matching polo shirts, embroidered koalas on them, wearing lederhosen. So it's going to be interesting.

I have relocated to Hollywood, CA! Area peeps want to grab coffee, DM me!

A thousand skeptic hands
Won't keep us from the things we plan
Unless we're clinging to the things we prize

Day 3 update!

My usage hasn’t dropped much but there’s been a huge shift in how I use my phone.

1. I don’t feel COMPELLED to use it, like I did before.
2. I don’t use notifications except for actual person to person chat. Red notification badges almost don’t work for me anymore.
3. I have shifted to things that lend toward black and white visuals, so I read more articles and books.
4. Ads don’t grab my attention so they kind of don’t work at all.

Instagram is a chore.

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it's double the irony while still feeling like you're not going corporate! win win

It’s interesting that Spotify has managed to maintain an “underdog” brand identity despite being about to go public with a $23 billion valuation.

I think the irony is that they kind of are still the underdog, against the backdrop of Apple and Google.

Day 1 of switching my mobile devices to gray scale.

3 Observations so far!

1) It's been fairly effective at de-fanging the mobile notification engine -- no more red badges to jump out at you.

2) Good design (and bad design) really stand out. This is an old design trick, so I'm not surprised.

3) I'm spending a lot of time in Nostalgia Narnia, thinking about the old black and white NeXTcube workstations I used to hack from. I miss those days.

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