Just a reminder to the lovely mastofam here, that I've changed instances and am now on @stuarttempleton

Give me a follow there, if you haven't already. :)

Hey Mastofam! I’m switching servers, so don’t be alarmed if you get another follow from me! I like you. :)

This instance has had too much down time and too many timeline update issues for my tastes. Time to explore the federation!!!

@TheAdmin I’m not seeing any updates from folk over the last 16 hours.

I’m getting really ambiguous errors uploading media to Mastodon, today. :/

I’m not good with personal boundaries. Like when the cat is like “don’t use me as a scarf,” and I’m like “shut up, scarf.”

I've been without a stylus for my Surface Pro for months now, and it's taking a toll on my soul.


Everyone in the LA area low key walking around like they forgot that Star Trek IV was filmed here. Please.

I’m always caught off guard by cash only eateries.

I wrote a new Open Form Games blog post today about remodeling the stasis bay. It's our tutorial area, so it's a pretty important place.

I've been deliberating on it for a while, but I've decided to write another album. Something that captures the particular zeitgeist of me, now. It would be amazing if I could crowd fund some of it. Maybe a ko-fi or patreon of sorts?

Maybe I just do it for the love of it. A love letter to the world, of sorts. A love letter with lots of profanity.

Oh look! I seem to have tripped and fallen into a wandering nostalgia.

I'm just going to start calling all of my games Game of the Year Editions.

Watching my GF wreck house in competitive Overwatch is one of the great joys. She is fierce!

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