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Ok, that's enough tinfoil hat for one day!

This incentivizes participation for people who shop in bulk, typically on a budget, and in poverty.

If you're in poverty, $20 is a much bigger deal than if you aren't, possibly to the point of being "absolutely vital."

In other words, an advertising-driven surveillance apparatus is in place that disproportionately tracks people in poverty.

Data brokers find multiple data stores and buy access to them and link them with common data. Your name? Your phone number? Your email address? Your "advertiser id"?

And they mine that NEW data store.

Rinse, repeat.

But you saved $0.25 on toilet paper and a pack of tic-tacs.

That personal information goes into a giant data store that links everything you do.

They sell access to that data store.

They mine that data store for competitive advantage.

Then, they sell what they just mined as well.

Remember: when you use rewards programs and the like, you're not getting free stuff or cheaper items, you're getting them in exchange for your personal information.

The dollar value at the register is lower, but the cost is the same -- sometimes higher.

These companies don't wake up and say "I'd like to make less money, today."

I miss old school goth zines from the early 90s. And I miss hacker zines being edgy.

Yay #hackers:

A Hacker Has Wiped a Spyware Company’s Servers -

Shoutout to mastodon in the article! Honestly applaud this, there's no reason you should be able to see everything someone does on a phone without their consent

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Had some hardware failure, last night. My development Xbox One died like my ps4 a couple of months ago. Luckily, the GameStop hardware warranty is still active! I'm a little bit rough on hardware sometimes. The rest of the day is installs and updates, I guess. LOL

At least they honor their warranties for me -- I could be much worse off!

I SUPER liked Black Panther. Like a lot.

i would like to meet more #furries on Mastodon...


I’ve been trying to make a King Tootenkamen joke all morning. I got nothing.

I'm putting together the next week's social media posts (I do them in batches, so I don't forget) and I hacked together this image of the main crew of our game Vegas Prime Retrograde. Super fun.

mastodon has massively increased how much I say "toot out" good job mastodon

Had a great and fascinating chat with @sophia a lead designer of Localhost, a game where your job is to convince AI to let themselves be deleted. Check out the podcast here: #indiegame #cyberpunk #scifi

Something not a lot of people know about me:

I'm a digital nomad. My partner and I travel the U.S. for work (her contracts), each contract lasting about 3-4 months. I run an indie game studio based out of Virginia, so I work entirely online.

I collaborate with developers and artists around the world, and meet people around the country. It isn't without its challenges, but I love it.

I hit hacker spaces and game/comic conventions all over, and it is awesome!


2600 Accused of Using Unauthorized Ink Splotches

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