Rockin' the Blender 24X theme today as it makes it easier to see thin lines in the viewport.

Blog post about a 2D project we worked on at Spin The Yarn Animations. Characters were designed in Illustrator and imported into Blender as SVGs ☺ Rigging these characters felt a bit hacky, but still, it worked really well 😁

@nafergo Nice article. With the FXGuide article out there too, it's clear that Ton's on the publicity ball with this ☺

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@chrisoffner3d @sybren I know what you mean. Hard to trust a company where you're the product rather than the customer.

@sybren @chrisoffner3d Google tried to tackle this/re-invent e-mail with Wave. Shame it didn't take off, but even if it did, email would probably still be knocking around, along with all the other platforms we currently have.

@sybren @looch That's fair enough. It would take time and effort away from Blender development. It would be nice to have a Blender specific social network, but I guess you have to consider what benefits it would have over Twitter and the Blender Cloud.

@looch @sybren a Blender federation would no doubt get quite a bit of attention

@sybren Signal, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, I have them all good sir 😉

@sybren Makes sense. Shame WhatsApp sold themselves to Facebook, more than happy to pay £1 a year... It's difficult for me to avoid, most of my friends either don't understand or don't care about such things 😑

@sybren One of the reasons why I'm not looking forward to the day Facebook releases its mind reading tech. Develop a technology for reading viewers minds while looking at adverts, but pitch it to users as a useful and quick way to write a Facebook post.

Absolutely loving Natron. Taking a while for my head to wrap around the node logic, but the almost real-time response when tweaking is priceless

@RussSharek @monsterjavaguns Not really sure, I didn't set it up in the end, just posting manually to each where appropriate 😉

@sybren I often do 😉 Funny that I tend to think of such things as shortcomings rather than bugs

Also seems as though Image Viewer in Ubuntu doesn't respect Gamma. We need more respect in the CG world

Seems as though the Bright/Contrast node in the compositor doesn't respect alpha :-/

@ChameleonScales @sybren Think I remember seeing Jonathan Williamson wearing a Suzanne T-shirt, think it was his design, might me worth asking him 😉

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