Rockin' the Blender 24X theme today as it makes it easier to see thin lines in the viewport.

Blog post about a 2D project we worked on at Spin The Yarn Animations. Characters were designed in Illustrator and imported into Blender as SVGs ☺ Rigging these characters felt a bit hacky, but still, it worked really well 😁

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Are you a
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#artist in the most general sense of the word?

Do you use
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Do you use #linux as your OS when creating/performing?

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Absolutely loving Natron. Taking a while for my head to wrap around the node logic, but the almost real-time response when tweaking is priceless

Also seems as though Image Viewer in Ubuntu doesn't respect Gamma. We need more respect in the CG world

Seems as though the Bright/Contrast node in the compositor doesn't respect alpha :-/

Bought myself the blue cube T-shirt at . Thought I left it in Amsterdam, so bought another one. Today is laundry day and I got to the bottom of my basket...

Anyone know if it's possible to link toots to tweets? Ideally I'd like to just post on Mastodon, but don't want to leave my twitter friends high and dry...

Interesting. Davinci Resolve on Linux can read ProRes, but can't export it. Can't remember if this was the case on macOS too. Same with ... I'm guessing it's an limitation?

Liking the look of this. Hopefully more heads will join soon :grin:

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