You: tooting
Me: Having an existential crisis about what constitutes a shitpost, also tooting.

I'm having a very difficult time customizing the css on my new mastodon instance.

::watches a football commercial::

I don't like this *at all*.

A Mastodon instance but everyone (me) is muted by default and you have to go in and selectively unmute people.

When a company you respect gives you a personalized rejection to your job application.

#pol #austrianpol 

How I entertain myself:

See on a bag of chips that coconut is listed as a tree nut. I think, no way is a coconut a tree nut like an almond. I look it up. It's not.

It's a stone fruit, _like a peach_. The part we get is the equivalent of a peach pit. πŸ‘

Also, a coconut palm tree is not a proper tree (!), it's a woody perennial monocotyledon. 🌴

Also, the name "coco" in Portugal also refers to ghosts (!) and jack-o-laterns come from Portuguese "coco" vegetables with candles in them (!). FACTS

Yalls icon is cute but


How are these people going to have thousands of posts that they made and following ten people. Y THO

One thing I don't understand, is if social media isn't the right place to rant, does that mean that there's really just no right place to rant? What am I supposed to do, bottle up all my thoughts and send them out to sea? 🌊 πŸ›₯ 🍢 πŸ˜• 🌊

I can't think of a clumsier animal than a ferret. 🐍🐭

Yikes that avatar was from my last job. :grimace:

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