#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

I'm calling out for anyone on social.coop from the Germany co-op movement.

#Resonate is hq'd in Ireland, but our operations are based in Berlin (Founder and development team are there).

Interested to know we can get any support - particularly for a few board members we have there. :)

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 


I dont think they're in #socialcoop but @stefanieschulte may be able to help?

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@dazinism @stefanieschulte
Thanks @dazinism ! I was looking for @stefanieschulte but I thought she was on #socialcoop ?

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@samtoland @dazinism Hi, we audit and represent cooperatives according to German law (and European Cooperative Society). What are you asking for specifically?

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@stefanieschulte @dazinism

#Resonate as a #platformcoop is an international co-op, but co-op sector is national in scope.
Our Co-op is registered in Ireland, but our CEO, Dev team and some of our board members are in Berlin.

Therefore, it is difficult for our Berlin based people to avail of the support of the co-op sector in Ireland.

Co-ops UK are open to supporting our UK based board member, curious if German sector would be open too. Any thoughts?

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@samtoland @dazinism I can't give you a definitive answer here, but I think it partly depends on the kind of support they seek.

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@stefanieschulte @dazinism We're still exploring he kind of support our friends in the UK might be able to provide. But my primary interest was availing of director's training. But the legal framework in the UK is broadly equivalent to Ireland - the Germany framework could be very different (though I imagine the core is equivalent).

We are just interested to know whether we would be able to avail of (some of the) supports available to start-up german co-ops.

#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@dazinism @stefanieschulte I don't expect a definitive answer by the way :)

Just wondering whether it is some even worth following up.

I have no idea of the german co-op sectors awareness of #platformcoops and the struggle they have with a co-op infrastructure based on national borders.


#Socialcoop - German Co-op Peeps? 

@samtoland @dazinism As a member-financed organization which is regulated as an auditor, we are subject to some restrictions. On the other hand, we provide a number of services to third parties as well. Therefore I need to check with my colleagues about this particular case!

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