"Again, those who used substitutes reported missing and craving Facebook less over time, whereas those who weren’t reminded to try alternatives missed it more over time."

Not a quote from a advocate 🍍, but research cited by Chicago Booth Review in 2015:


@stefanieschulte I was born in London, around the time of when that photo would have been taken; and lived there for many years.

As I have a better good quality of life 132km away in Ipswich (other than nightlife) and a train ticket there costs around €60 return for a relatively short distance, this marketing doesn't work very well with me. I could probably get slightly more money working in London but thats not enough to entice me back there!


@vfrmedia I loved living in downtown Frankfurt while I was working there, when rents in big German cities used to be affordable (compared to London). I'm still happy about living in the Rhine-Ruhr region today. It has all the infrastructure and culture of a typical megacity, but is somewhat less expensive than e. g. Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg.

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