"Again, those who used substitutes reported missing and craving Facebook less over time, whereas those who weren’t reminded to try alternatives missed it more over time."

Not a quote from a advocate 🍍, but research cited by Chicago Booth Review in 2015:

@stefanieschulte I was born in London, around the time of when that photo would have been taken; and lived there for many years.

As I have a better good quality of life 132km away in Ipswich (other than nightlife) and a train ticket there costs around €60 return for a relatively short distance, this marketing doesn't work very well with me. I could probably get slightly more money working in London but thats not enough to entice me back there!

@stefanieschulte in the context of the marketing Eurostar would have done far better advertising whole UK or at least SE/Eastern regions as there are *many* alternatives.

#Suffolk is much less crowded, its safe to ride bicycles here, there is as good a selection of local beer and food as in mainland Europe.

Tourists would have to get an extra train and leave the "comforts"(?) of London so extra effort but worthwhile in the end.

A bit like switching from birbsite to Mastodon!

@vfrmedia I loved living in downtown Frankfurt while I was working there, when rents in big German cities used to be affordable (compared to London). I'm still happy about living in the Rhine-Ruhr region today. It has all the infrastructure and culture of a typical megacity, but is somewhat less expensive than e. g. Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg.

@shatteredgears Not sure whether social media is an addiction and whether we should really want to "wean" ourselves off it. Social media can be quite useful, after all! A permanent replacement for some of the most popular platforms might be desirable, though (see other comments in the thread, too).

@stefanieschulte For certain personality types, I'm sure it is an addiction, but that type is prone to addictive behaviours, so really not an issue.
The advantage Facebook has is that they now are in a position where "everybody" is there, so nobody will switch, even if they don't like it. Heck, there are entire communities of people I am effectively excluded from because I don't have (and never had) an account.
I *really* hate walled gardens.

@stefanieschulte @shatteredgears I often hear this said and always counter with ICD10 checklists.
no strong desires, no withdrawal symptoms, no tolerance, no neglect of alternative pleasures, no persisting with substance use despite clear evidence of overtly harmful consequences… I guess you could say "why don't you spend more time outside?!" arguing for alternative pleasures? Pfft!

@kensanata @shatteredgears I think social media usage is not much different from "older" people's habit of watching a lot of TV (which was always alien to me, even if I'm one of those "older" people myself).

Many people used to switch on their TVs as soon as their arrived home. Some didn't even talk to each other while staring at the screen! On social media, people are at least interacting with each other.

@stefanieschulte @shatteredgears I also remember my uncle coming home and wanting to relax, not talk to anybody and read the newspaper for an hour or two.

@kensanata @shatteredgears @stefanieschulte I see social media as being an entirely legitimate use of one's time and energy -- as long as it's not done to excess, but this is true of pretty much any activity ever.

@woozle @kensanata @shatteredgears @stefanieschulte I agree that social media is a legitimate use of one's time, and in fact that it can be beneficial, particularly for those for whom networking is an important part of success in work. Social networking also allows for the broadening of horizons with its potential to expose one to a global network of ideas not necessarily found at home in real life.

@shatteredgears @kensanata 😱 s/"their arrived home"/"they arrived home"

Downside of social media: More opportunities for typos, compared with watching 📺!

@stefanieschulte @kensanata @shatteredgears
some of this generation were very interested in "how TV/radio worked"+how to get your own stuff on it" (was once a pirate radio DJ and later a (legal) broadcast engineer) - would do stuff like try and tune in other regions/countries channels during weather conditions, listen on radios for strange signals, build own transmitters etc. Social media often allows this to be done legally with less risk involved!

@shatteredgears @kensanata @stefanieschulte with regard to the drugs / substances analogies; some drugs and usage patterns are less harmful than others, *provided* folk get good harmreduction info!

Commercial networks are dependent on ads and *do* try and hook into compulsive behaviour, a project like this has potential to be safer to its users. (its not unlike the freetekno scene of 90s/00s but with people legally acquiring the resources used!)

@stefanieschulte 100% relatable. I removed the facebook app form my phone merely days after joining #Mastodon and never looked back. Bonus effect: I suddenly realized I have tons of free time on my hands to use in better ways than scrolling down a feed...

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