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@gargron I’ve forgotten which email address I used to sign up with as I’ve been using a third party app to access the service. Could you please send an email to the address for my account so I know which one I used and reset my password?

There’s a nice sense of liberation here. No one knows me and the sheep I’ve left behind on Fuckbook won’t dare leave Fuckbook because the internet (or a meme) hasn’t told them to.

I can’t get on with cling film. The stuff has so much potential but it always refuses to cooperate.
I don’t expect much from cling film, but I do expect it not to ping back and cling it’s self to its fucking self. Cling film can fuck off- tin foil is the way forward.

Greedy fucker wants to stay in the shed and guard the festive grub but I know his game. He ain’t fooling nobody.

Fridge is full of Christmas gumph so I’m using the shed as a pantry. It’s perfectly hygienic; the bucket which forms my outside toilet is at the other end of the shed.
It’s like being in the olden days, innit?

Got some for . I always thought they were a bit wanky when I saw people walking around with them but they’re actually really good bits of kit. Welcome to the wanky movement

I’ve just discovered pink gin. I’ve never even tried gin before (had previously heard lies about it making you sad) but this pink nonsense makes me rather chipper.

I just bought the 5 movie box set on for £15. That’ll sort me for a few hours...

Ooh- Christmas Time by The Darkness has just come on. It’s the first time I’ve heard it this year and if you ask me, it’s a true modern classic Christmas song 🎶
If you don’t ask me, fuck you 🖕🏻

Ok, I’m so please be nice to me.
I used to do lots of but then it went all wanky.
I’m deleting my account because I’m fed up with the false pretences of “friends” and the endless privacy-raping by Mark Zuckerberg.
Mastodon seems to be the way forward, so here I am.
I’d love to set up my own instance but I only have a shared-hosting platform so I don’t think it’ll work. Anyway, internet fuckers...

Oh good- none of those shitty, generic “we wish you a Merry Christmas” posts on here.
Send personal messages or don’t send any at all, you self-righteous fuckwits.

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