benefits, mh, sui, -, request for memes Great. Now that someone has figured out the obvious for you, you can be a responsible dog owner and get something done about it so that your dog will no longer suffer.

benefits, mh, sui, -, request for memes If that’s your dog, you seriously need to get it’s claws cut...! What’s swollen? The foot or the can? 😮

I’m heading off to work and there’s nobody around anywhere 😧

So tonight is the start of my week of night shifts. I’ll end up working overtime on Sunday because it’ll be shagged anyway so it’ll be the next 7 nights.
Just to piss me off a little bit more, I have to get into work 1 hour early tonight because of how early the last train in is.
I hate night shifts- it completely screws everything up...

@evelynyap But what if I’m neither here nor there? Perhaps I don’t exist. Perhaps none of us exist? 🤯

@evelynyap Incorrect; I said I’m not here. If I was nowhere or anywhere, I’d be somewhere.
Likewise, if I’m doing nothing, I’m doing something. But if I’m not doing anything, nothing is being done 😉

@evelynyap Denying or confirming anything about your location would be futile as all locations are in a perpetual state of drift, remember?

The Doctor won’t find me because I’m not here...

@evelynyap No polar bears? You must be Neverwhere.

Perhaps it’s just the waters beneath which give the impression that we’re drifting?

I need a Doctor’s appointment...

@evelynyap Is this some crap involving polar bears, shifting islands and being dead in someone’s dream? 😮🎉

@evelynyap You must be mistaken. New year is still almost 8 hours away 😉

angry, brexit, meds Likewise, medication stocks may not be affected.
Everyone is planning for a doomsday scenario when in reality, it’s just a fear of the unknown.

@evelynyap Yep- it’s great to know when someone is on holiday so that we can go and burgle them 👍🏻

@evelynyap The problem is that we’ve all become far too dependent on Facebook.
Customer service, logging-in to other services and for our memories/photos. The algorithms they use to predict our behaviour are pretty scary and Facebook has become an online backup of our personalities.
Despite recent scandals, people are still happy to stay on Facebook.
I can live without Facebook, but the others don’t realise that themselves yet...

After 9 years, I’ve just deleted my account.
Federation !

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix 

I was really excited about watching on because all the other episodes of have been excellent, but I was left bored, frustrated and disappointed.
The story didn’t really go anywhere and the ending was a bit of a cop-out.
The flashbacks became repetitive after making the wrong choice and it became tiresome. I know the whole point was about not having a choice but it was a waste of my time.

Dining room walls now painted; I just need to gloss the woodwork now, but I’m not doing that at 02:30 in the morning.
That would be demented.

@crushv Surely those signs are just indicative that your son is watching a lot of porn, just like every other healthy teenage boy... Loving the blue hair 👍🏻

I’m not tired and I’m wide awake, so I’m painting the dining room. It’s needed doing for too long now.
If I complete it in a reasonable time, I may even treat myself to an episode of or two.
I’m not an insomniac; I’m just readying myself for the horrendous night shifts I’ve got when I return to work on Wednesday...

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