I’m heading off to work and there’s nobody around anywhere 😧

Dining room walls now painted; I just need to gloss the woodwork now, but I’m not doing that at 02:30 in the morning.
That would be demented.

My friend bought me a joke jumper from Wish in the hope that I’d be horrified but I kinda like it...

This isn’t a cat; it’s a fucking ninja who stops at nothing to get what he wants..

Greedy fucker wants to stay in the shed and guard the festive grub but I know his game. He ain’t fooling nobody.

Fridge is full of Christmas gumph so I’m using the shed as a pantry. It’s perfectly hygienic; the bucket which forms my outside toilet is at the other end of the shed.
It’s like being in the olden days, innit?


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